Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Choose Half-Nekkid Thursday

I'm posting very early (on Wednesday evening) simply because I am quite busy these days, so apologies in advance for cheating!

It's been a while since I've seen this film, but it's not one you quickly forget. The director, Danny Boyle, has done some fantastic films, but also some total duffers as well, but I'd heartily recommend this, "Shallow Grave", "28 Days Later" and two short films "Strumpet" and "Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise". The last two are somewhat special because one of my best mates produced them, so if nothing else go check them out!

Martha did the Photoshop work as usual, but unfortunately the photograph didn't quite match the original image - for starters I'm not a skinny drug addict but I also kind of got the pose wrong I give you the new character from "Trainspotting", Gayboy!

I couldn't look more camp if I tried!

Happy HNT everyone!

Nicely done as usual! Cheers and Happy HNT!
good one gabby. :) hhnt
Very are so creative!
Happy HNT!
LOL! I love doing the "Gabby" spotting within movie posters every Thursday! Happy HNT!
Very clever as usual...Like an updated version of where's Waldo...tee hee

Happy HNT
Very cool :) HHNT!
Great HNT as always! You just need to work a bit harder at the smack addiction...
instead of shivering you're swaggering! you look a bit like ross from friend here which is very scary...

great idea and pic though...

happy HNT*
One of my all time favourites. Very unusual and creative.

Happy HNT ;)
That movie was really a trip..
Has an awesome soundtrack tho.

Great creative shot!

Happy HNT :)
you are way better looking than the guy you replaced. fun shot as always. i get the biggest kick out of these. happy HNT!
Don't be hard on yourself. It's difficult to pull off the druggie look....if you aren't one.
I love it! That movie was great!

*LOL* Another awesome job, Gabby! And you're just too cute in that photo! ;)
I love this!
Trainspotting was a wicked movie...
and lmao at the camp comment- crack me up!

Happy HNT
Very cool! HHNT
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