Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Cause and Effect

Yes, SPAM can be a menace, but sometimes it makes me chuckle, especially if you read the text at the start of the emails. This one I found particularly funny today for some warped reason. It rather depends on where you put the emphasis on the words...I'd like to think this is said in a Robin talking to Batman styleee!

"Holy Communion, pate, as tugboat at brand-new flamenco director, poppy an mumbo jumbo"


In other news we're starting on a massive clear out at home. The sudden reality that we will most likely be homeless at the end of May has sunk in and we've decided to sort out all our stored stuff and hopefully lessen the load when we move out. Hopefully once I get focussed properly on it things will be fine, but right now I feel like my head is in a million different places.

Audrey's milk intake is going extremely well. At the childminders she drank two bottles of whole milk where she'd normally drink soya formula, and at home last night she chugged away at a bottle and a half before bed which is more than normal, and with no outward signs of problems. We're watching out for her eczema though, seeing if she starts scratching, but even this is a huge leap. There was a time when that amount of milk would guarantee her throwing up and breaking out in hives.

Last night Audrey also took what was a pretty bad fall, but actually could also have been much much worse. She'd just finished doing a successful poo on the potty and Martha and I were cleaning up. Audrey likes to put her nappies in the garbage, so she toddled off to to that while I cleaned out her potty in the bathroom. Next thing I knew she came hurtling round the corner, into the bathroom, tripped on the bathmat, and flew headlong into the ceramic wash basin pedestal. There was absolutely nothing I could have done to stop it, it happened so fast, but I saw the whole thing and had visions of her lying unconscious on the bathroom floor. I picked her up and she looked a bit startled. There was a moments silence as she took a deep breath and then the crying started! She actually calmed down pretty quickly, and a nice lump appeared on her forehead which if it bruises will look awfully suspicious. She was pretty chipper for the rest of the evening so I guess there's no lasting damage.

I have noticed recently though that she has been learning from her mistakes.

The other day she dropped a footstool on her toes, which she uses to stand on to see up onto the kitchen counters. Ever since then, if she wants it, she will ask me to bring it to her rather than carry it herself. Clever girl!

From all of this you might think my daughter is rather clumsy. Heaven help her, if she's anything like her old man!

Owch - you don't need to tell me about a clumsy child who seems destined to grow new lumps and bruises each day.

And speaking of spam, how about that fun comment spam? I mean. I've been enjoying your post, but did you know that you can not only save TONS of $$ on your mortgage, but also earm a load of cash, just by clicking HERE!?
LOL, but your comment would have been funnier if you'd added a link where you said HERE!
It's funny how kids will react to these things. My son slipped on my freshly mopped floor once, almost a year ago and now a drop of water on the floor will start a commotion!
OGO - Remember I said I was reading some of you old posts the other day? I saw the one where you mentioned that incident which is doubtless why when you just mentioned it I thought it only happened a few weeks ago! Hopefully Audrey wont be similarly mentally scarred from the collision she had with the bathroom sink last night!
LOl your e-mail was funny
MyUtopia - I got several of those emails today but that was by far the funniest.
You cruel parent! Reminds me a bit of the time when my stepmonster challenged me to a skiing race (I had too much pride to let her win!), I stopped in time, she didn't and hurtled into a bollard. Like you say, there's the impact, then the calm before the crying starts. I wouldn't worry about the bruises, kids bump themselves all the time. She bruised "down there" - we lived in fear of social services for a couple of weeks!
Ann - It's the parents with kids covered in bruises that don't openly tell the stories as to how they got them that I'd worry about! Fortunately her head hasn't bruised anyway! Thanks also for reminding never to go skiing.
awww poor Audrey. I hope her head is alright and that she doesn't suffer any effects from it. She's too cute to have bumps on her noggin' and purple toes! :)
SS - Yeah her bonce is fine and she hasn't developed a fear of running into the bathroom, although I did notice today she didn't come running in quite so fast last night!
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