Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Bowing Out HNT

This will sadly be my last HNT submission for a while - why?

Read this to find out.

Basically Martha and I simply don't have the time right now to do them and really need to be focussing on other things. However, this does not mean I wont be back - I have every intention to return to HNT just as soon as I possibly can, particularly since there have been lots of people who have made requests and I have tons of movie related ones I'd really like to do too. So, this isn't the end, be sure of that!

Today's HNT is a poster from a pretty average horror flick which is really only notable because one of the main actors in it is my fave director David Cronenberg, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity of crowbarring in a Canadian connection given the circumstances for me bowing out.

The tag line is also quite funny!

Certainly not a film that will be to everyones liking, so not one I will be heartily recommending you all to see. In fact I'd sooner you watched a movie directed by Cronenberg rather than one with him acting in it. Actually having said that, he's in a rather good movie called "Last Night" which you should all go and rent or buy now!

Happy HNT everyone...and "I'll be back!"

You've certainly left on a high note - very good. Looking forward to the return!
Your movie posters are great as always! Good luck on the big move. Cya when you get back. Cheers and Happy HNT!
That is scary!

Great work as always on HNT.

Take it easy with the move guys. It's stressful, undoubtely.

wow thats fabulous and the best yet- your eyes are bonkers!

your hnt's will be sorely missed but i wish you loads of luck with the move. its gonna be stressful but a lot of fun! really good luck with it all! and happy hnt*
LOL HHNT, cool as usual, you will be missed, but, we know you will be back!
Oh me oh my very well done HNT.

Good luck with your move darling, hope to see you on the other side.

Happy HNT!
Your creativity will be missed. Hopefully you will be back soon.

Happy HNT for now ;)
That is AWESOME!

you'll be missed. i always look forward to your creativity. HHNT and peace to you
That's okay, sweet pea you have more important things to work on.
What did you use for inspiration? Was it a bug? I bet it was the bug I posted on my blog a while back wasn't it.

Take your break dear we understand.
Awww... we understand. Took a break of my own just a little while back.
As always, creative and well done!

Your HNT's will be missed but for good reason:
cause Canada kicks ass!!!

btw, love the popped out eyes- thats crazy shizat!

Happy last HNT!
I think you should do a Bob and Doug McKenzie one...I think you and M. would have fun with that!--you *do* own a Canadian toque and some earmuffs, don't you? :)

"Take off, eh!" "No, you take off, you Hoser!" "Just shut up and get me a two-four and a dozen doughnuts, eh!" Oh gosh, don't get me started with speaking Canajun....

I guess you can always do the odd HNT if the mood strikes you? Esp. now that the pressure is off, you might get all sorts of good ideas popping into your head. You just never know...
LOL - another great movie poster. Congrats. :) Happy final HNT!
These are GREAT

Happt HNT
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