Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Blog this, Blogger!

OK, I know there are a few readers here who will say "I told you so!" and a few here who will go "Well just change and get it over with!" but I have to tell you, I have just about had it with Blogger!

They still haven't resolved the issues I have with uploading photos using the Mac version of Firefox even though they themselves recommend using Firefox for Mac if you use Blogger. So, if thats the case, fix the damn problem idiots!

Secondly, I discovered this morning that my userpic (a photo of me on my 3rd birthday if anyone is wondering) had mysteriously disappeared and instead I was getting the dreaded red X! I checked my account and sure enough it wasn't to be found, so I checked Flickr, which is where the file is located. The thumbnail for it was there but the photo wasn't...WTF?

Anyway, I deleted the file and went to re-upload the photo into Flickr and it all started to become spite of the fact that the photo has been archived on Flickr for months, it is now apparently too large and they will no longer allow it to be uploaded. Well thanks for telling me, and hmm, maybe it would have been a nice gesture to allow people who HAD uploaded files, that are now deemed too big, to keep the ones they uploaded before you made this decision? Mind you I wasn't too bothered because admittedly the file size was a little on the large size, so I trimmed it down and uploaded it to Flickr, so all seemed good.

Back at Blogger I pasted in the location of the photo and damn me if I don't get another error message saying Blogger will not allow my userpic because...guess what...the filesize is too big! Twice in the space of ten minutes! Yesterday nobody had a problem with the size of my userpic, now all of a sudden neither Blogger nor Flickr will allow it. Grrrr!

So, it was back to the image to trim it down again, reload it up into Flickr and FINALLY get it back into Blogger. Having said that, I still haven't seen it reappear as my userpic on the blog and comments, so maybe there's some other prerequisite I haven't met as well, which 24 hours ago was not considered a problem!

I'm so angry about this...I know it's a free service and I shouldn't complain, but moving the goalposts like that really annoys me. I don't mind if Blogger wants to impose restrictions on NEW users, but for this existing user it's been a complete pain in the ass today!

LiveJournal is calling!

You change blogs like most people change underwear!

I don't seem to have all these sort of problems. Maybe I don't tweak my site enough I don't know. I hope things get better!
OGO - The worrying thing is, I don't tweak my blog at all...ever...everything here is pretty much the way it was when I started on Blogger. And I would hope I change my underwear a little more regularly than that!
The jury is still out on LiveJournal for me, the main thing for me is that loads of text is boring so I like uploading photos, and that is somewhere where LJ falls down unless you pay them money.

I'm halfheartedly trialling blogsome, but this week I can't even be bothered doing my own blog never mind sit down and fiddle with a new one.
Ann - I'm still fairly sure you can add photos from a Flickr account in a free Livejournal, unless they've changed their policy or something. To be honest though the Livejournal fee is so piddly I may as well pay for it. Anyway, all in good time...I've decided that if I change and revamp it'll be at a very specific time, if you know what I mean ;-)
You can host your pics wherever you like and use them on LJ. I have their "scrapbook" but most of the time I host my own pics on one of Jamie's domains.

All it takes is some very simple html (which you can copy/paste from their FAQ) to do just about anything.


Yes - I like my LJ.

Deb - Yeah, I thought that was the case with images...I need to have a full rethink about blogging - since moving from Myblogsite, I feel like my blog has become "messy" and I don't like mess! It might take me a while to do that, so I'll stay here for now until I'm completely happy with something new.
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