Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Being *Very* Boring!

I'm very annoyed about something.

Unfortunately I think there was an inevitability about it that maybe I should have come to terms with sooner.

The new Pet Shop Boys single "I'm With Stupid" is out on May 8th, and as usual it's being released on several different formats (CD, DVD and vinyl). However, they're holding back the remixes of the song for online download ONLY! Aaaaaaaaaargh!

On their website they've excused themselves by saying that UK rules stop them from putting more out on the existing formats, but strangely this hasn't ever stopped them before. As I've said previously, I find the whole idea of downloading music legally in an iTunes stylee quite irksome. At the end of the day it's merely a digital file that can quite easily be erased, misplaced, or corrupted. There are a no sleeve notes, no clever design, no packaging.

It's boring, boring, boring!

I'm in two minds about this. I can shell out for the digital downloads which doubtless will be 79p on iTunes I would guess - it's not going to break the bank at Monte Carlo but thats not the issue here - or if I'm willing to be patient and wait there's a good chance that somewhere in Europe, Japan or the USA the single will get released with all of the remixes included on CD or possibly vinyl. I could buy both, but if the mixes came out on CD in the first place I'd only upload them into iTunes anyway, so whats the point?

Some people will argue that as a fan I'm more likely to buy both anyway, but the bottom line is I usually only buy TWO or more copies of a record/CD if there is something tangibly different about them (like a different sleeve design). With a digital download there's nothing to set it apart from any potential CD release of the same track.

I know the record labels have to move with the times, and I also know that the PSB's have always been keen to move with them too, but there are surely ways to get around this daft legislation over how many minutes of music you're allowed to put on a CD single.

Since we're off this weekend to see them, maybe I should take some protest signs along to the gig? D'you think they'll take any notice?

Nah, me either.

I'm off to sulk.

I have never known a bugger fan of this band.
Protest signs! I like it! I think you should do it!
MyUtopia - LMAO! Please tell me that was an intentional typo!!!

OGO - I think Martha might just disown me on the spot if I do that.
Oh dear poor you, plus there's the fact that the iTunes format is a little overcompressed and rather crappy quality compared to other formats. Not that you'd notice on an iPod but you certainly will when you play it back on a decent sound system.
Serai - Yes, I've heard that iTunes downloads aren't all that great. It's not been officially announced yet if the tracks will appear there or elsewhere, but I'm guessing that's where they'll be.
Lets face it, it's just an excuse for them to cash in and get people to pay their 79p to iTunes and Make Lots of Money.
Ann - I wont hear a word said against them! But yeah, you're probably right! It's something I'm painfully aware of although I think you get that with just about any artist - I mean, who the hell thought it was a good idea to release an Elvis single every week for four months (or however long it was)? And they're doing it with Michael Jackson singles now too - talk about desperate.
iTunes songs are 128Kbit AAC so if you currently rip at that anyway then it's not really an issue?

However, if you rip at a higher bitrate (I use 192K AAC and it sounds fine to my ears) then you're better waiting for the CD to come out - if it ever does.
G - To be honest I'm not sure what bitrate we're using...I'll check...mind you, I'd still prefer them on CD...
I rip at 256kbps and use APE format, MP3 is overcompressed as it is, my point was really that if you are going to pay for the tracks then you'd want to have something at least 'near' CD quality.
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