Sunday, April 02, 2006


Audrey and Allergy

It's been a pretty dull weekend - we hardly left the house except to go swimming and get groceries.

Oh yes, we also started to have a clear out of stuff in our 3rd bedroom, also known as "the dumping ground". We packed 3 plastic binbags with clothes for charity and took them up to the recycling place where there is a bin for Oxfam. We've also got a bag full of stuff we're going to eBay, so I'll keep you posted on that in case you have itchy fingers when it comes to internet auction sites!

The other big news is we relaunched the campaign to see if Audrey can eat dairy products. For latecomers to this blog, Audrey has suffered from allergies to dairy and egg products since birth, mostly breaking out in hives and eczema when she has them. I'm not going to direct you to previous blogs simply because I'm too lazy to go find them, but I'm sure a simple search up in the box above for "allergy" or "allergies" will provide you with some background.

Anyway, we had some limited success a month or so back, but because Audrey got ill (with colds and suspected Chickenpox!) we stopped so as not to aggravate the problem. Now she's in fine form we decided to give her whole milk three times a day this weekend and somewhat by chance than design she's eaten a lot of forbidden fruit as well, including macaroni cheese and some poached egg.

I'm happy to report that so far none of this has caused her any trouble. We've intermittently asked her if her tummy hurts because this has previously been a symptom of the allergies and she's replied in the negative, so it's all seemingly going well.

It's worth keeping check on her for a few days, as the eczema can flare up 24-48 hours later, but we've been encouraged by this weekend. She only had a tiny bit of egg so jury is still out on that - I'll have to make some meringues again, or try her on a full plate of scrambled egg (which she loves) to be sure the egg allergy is gone.

However, the milk/dairy allergy seems to be a thing of the past which is fabulous news because it means we can start eating the same meals together as a family. It was such a joy to have us all sitting around the table enjoying macaroni cheese last night.

Anyway, I need to sign off now - time for my workout...did I mention I now weigh 154lbs (11 stone!).

From what I remember, I was always having mysterious allergies when I was a kid that used to come and go.

My ex-husband had a colleague who was allergic to seafood, and every so often he'd be off work because he'd try seafood to see if he was still allergic to it.

11 stone...that's skinny!
Those allergies can be crazy can't they? When I was a child I developed a sudden allergy to milk then it just went away. All on it's own. Weird. I hope things stay good with Audrey!
Way to go Gabby! Congrats on the weight loss. And good news re: Audrey as well. I hope she doesn't have any reactions!
Ann - Yeah, we were told the allergies would probably disappear within a couple of years and probably overnight, and that we just needed to keep plugging away...looks like the light is at the end of the tunnel now. 11 stone is about right for me now - I was teetering on overweight when I started this workout regime. Now I just have to maintain it.

OGO - Allergies are weird in that respect...they really can come and go overnight - I saw a documentary on them a while back and thats exactly what happened for some people.

SS - Hello stranger!
Woohoo on the no allergy symptoms! Mmm Mac and Cheese!
MyUtopia - Oh yeah, we make a mean old Mac and Cheese!
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