Monday, March 06, 2006


Weekend roundup.

We had a bit of a panic on Sunday morning.

I went to the bathroom to shave and shower and discovered to my dismay that the shower wasn't working! A pathetic trickle of icy cold water flowed from the head, and I just had visions of having to call someone in to fix it and all the pain that that entails.

I had a bath instead and as I ran it realised that the cold water here was also running a very low pressure! A-ha! It wasn't the shower! Maybe it was a frozen pipe, or a burst main? Still it didn't fix the problem, and made me more anxious about whether the actual problem was unique to us (again requiring a painful complaining process to the landlord) or whether it was also a problem at other properties along the street.

I finished bathing and told Martha what was going on and that she'd need to run a bath - except she couldn't because I had just used all the hot water and the tank hadn't refilled fast enough! It was therefore decided that she would shower at my parents house - fortunately that's where we were headed for Sunday lunch anyway!

I set about filling some buckets with what little water I could get from the taps, so that, if we got home and things were still not right, we could at least flush the toilets. I also popped over to next door and asked if their water was similarly disrupted. Fortunately it was, so I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was a problem that the water company would have to sort out, rather than me.

Anyway, we left for a lovely afternoon with my parents, and fortunately came home to the water being back to normal again!

We've got someone coming to view the house this Wednesday, so I guess we'll have to make it look presentable. I really have a feeling the house will sell this time...I just hope our landlords honour our contract, as Martha and I have no plan B...actually come to think of it, we have no plan A either!

Hopefully we'll be going out one night this week on a date. After the slight washout that was Martha's birthday, we felt like we could use another night out...haven't decided if that will be for a meal or cinema or both yet, but I don't think there's much on at the cinema that I want to see right now...

So, not much is was a good weekend by all accounts, but nothing magnificent to report either!

I hope you get a date night! I'll live vicariously through you!
OGO - Aww, that sounded sad - and ever so slightly desperate! ;-P
Oh yes, water woes! We go through that quite a bit out here in the boonies when we lose power for hours and hours on end.
Scott & Julia - Well, fortunately it wasn't quite that bad!
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