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The Unfinished Blog

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Grrr! I am so angry today - nothing has gone right, people have annoyed me left, right and centre, I've lost my temper, had people hang up the phone on me three times in the space of 10 minutes, and I'm only just starting to come down. Also, my day just got surreal...long story, and I'm not going to to talk about it least it's making me chuckle now though!

Anyway, I had started a blog, but things started to go royally pear shaped and I lost the will to finish it.

I thought it might be fun to give you the blog up to the point where I quit anyway, and if you feel so inclined maybe you can finish it off for me! (shamelessly stealing OGO's Friday Story idea - bring it back OGO!)

Make mine a large whisky with a double dose of valium!

Ugh, I'm having a rotten day...

In fact can we rewind the last 24 hours and start again?

I got home last night in time to let the people in who were coming to view the house. As we are mere tenants and not the owners we were told by the estate agents that they would show the house, meaning we could just sit back and watch people meander through the rooms. I'm alright with that - I 'm happy to just sit there and make like a goldfish!

Not long after I arrived home the phone rang - it was the estate agents. The woman explained she was "running a little behind" and would it be OK if we showed the house instead. Roughly translated I think that meant "It's nearly 6pm and I'd really rather be at home than trying to sell a house, and since you're there and I'm not, you might as well do my job for me."

In spite of this annoyance, I agreed to do it - mainly because I thought I'd probably get shot of the people quicker that way. When they arrived I gave them the 10 cent tour. They were nice enough, and I guess because they knew we didn't own the house they were much more open about what they thought of it and it soon became clear they were not interested in buying it. Once we established that we ended up talking a bit about what we did and didn't like about it quite openly, and within 15 minutes of them arriving, they had said their goodbyes and left the building.

Martha came home with Audrey shortly before they left with a rather grumpy Audrey in her arms. Audrey was running a fever and wasn't herself, so we gave her some medicine which perked her up in no time and she ate a little supper, we gave her a nice bath and put her to bed.

We did our workout, which for me has become quite difficult lately because I still can't quite shift this cold. Anyway, I muddled through it and we then had to finish up tidying the house because tonight we are going out on a date and the childminder will be over to look after Audrey...perish the thought that the kitchen counters should have even the tiniest breadcrumb on them! Quick, call the social services!!!

Also I still hadn't decided what I was doing for Half Nekkid-Thursday, so we mithered over that for half an hour or so before Martha got to work doing her Photoshop magic on my ET arm (see below)!

Once Martha was finished I quickly wrote up my HNT post then minced around online not really achieving anything, and before we knew it, it was midnight! By the time we'd got ourselves together and ready for bed it was 12.45 and Audrey was fussing - her medicine was due to wear off at 2.30am!

Anyway we went to bed, and sure enough a few hours later Martha was up with Audrey who was running a fever again. I slept through much of this, although I do vaguely recall Martha getting up to go to her. I am thankful for that - we try to take it in turns to see to Audrey in the night if she wakes up.

However, Audrey then proceeded to STAY awake, and the next thing I knew I was being woken by her crawling into bed with me, with Mummy not far behind. Audrey would not settle, and in the end I took her to the guest bed to let Martha get some sleep. Using my masterful Daddy persuasion techniques Audrey was soon asleep again and I managed to sleep too until Martha woke me up at our normal waking time of 6.45!

There's more...

When I got to work this morning I was met by a musty smell emanating from one of the downstairs offices. It's something I'd noticed for a couple of days, but because this room is right next to the toilets I figured the smells were coming from them - in fact yesterday I recall switching on the toilet extractor fans for that very reason! Today, however, the smell was obviously NOT coming from the toilets, so I investigated and...

there was a dead rat under your desk?
Yuck. What an awful day, you have my sympathies. Still at least its over and things can only get better, although if you have anything like my luck they probably won't.

I don't think it's a rat/other rodent, I know from vast experience of dealing with dead rats in my job that they don't smell musty, just putrid. I reckon it's got to be something like rotting fruit/veg/other food products, possibly someone's put a bag of shopping in a corner or forgotten about it? Hmmm, maybe not, I'll go for dead animal.
Scott & Julia - No animals were harmed in the making of this blog...sorry! Oh and the only reason Braveheart hasn't made it to HNT yet is because I'm too disorganised and end up doing them at the last minute. Braveheart will need a bit more preparation which to date is something I am lacking when it comes to HNT!

Ann - Ditto animals ruined my day...nor was it anything to do with food...
Don't keep us in suspenders!
...when you went to investigate you discovered a black lagoon had formed in your lower level office areas! And worse, there appeared to be the whitened bones of something strewn about the shore line! And then you saw it! The creature rose slowly from the murky waters, gills opening and closing, eyes locked upon you like a vice! You turned to run when suddenly.....
it spoke! "GABBY" it hissed, "Come with me. Everything has been arranged."

Arranged? You can't seem to figure out what he was talking about, then you see it......
ummmm.... holy shit?
I have no idea how to finish off your little story of musty funk...

But that spammer? *That* my friend is the reason to use LiveJournal instead. You can make it to where only registered LJ users post comments (or even just your friends only).

Ann - Maybe my next entry will reveal all - not sure yet!

CCB - Actually, you've come the closest to what really happened!

OGO - Some people just don't get this idea do they? Thanks for playing along though and sorry for stealing!

SS - Yes, there was a lot of swearing yesterday. Oh sorry, are you talking about the spammer? Don't worry, they've gone now!

Deb - Thanks to Spamface I have turned on word verification...I may also turn on comment moderation - we'll see how it goes...hope it doesn't put you off too much...
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