Friday, March 31, 2006


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I apologise in advance but I'm having a Pet Shop Boys moment! You'll just have to humour me!

I just heard their new single "I'm With Stupid" and basically it's fabulous! It's nice to see them back writing interesting and political songs rather than out and out gay anthems which really weren't pushing my buttons, if you know what I mean.

It's essentially about George Bush and Tony Blair and a reaction to the war and ongoing nonsense in Iraq. Here are a few verse lyrics so you can see what I mean:-

See you on the TV
Call you every day
Fly across the ocean
Just to let you get your way
No one understands me
Where I'm coming from
Why would I be with someone
who's obviously so dumb?

Before we ever met
I thought like everybody did
you were just a moron
a billion-dollar kid
You flew up all the way
like a hawk chasing a dove
I never thought that I would be
a sacrifice in love

I like the fact that the Pet Shop Boys can get away with song titles like "I'm With Stupid" and "Being Boring". The daft titles belie the actual intentions of the songs and it's always worth looking a bit further into their lyrical and musical intent before scoffing at the apparently ridiculous song names. It's much better than the superfluous fluff we are subjected to on a daily basis - there's only so many lyrics about how much someone loves someone or wants to be "wit" someone that I can take, and don't even get me started on rap!

Whether you agree or disagree with the politics is also irrelevent I think. I would have thought most people would agree about who was calling the shots when we all piled into Iraq.

Cool song, didn't know the petshop boys were still doing their thing.
MyUtopia - Yes, they are very much still "doing their thing." Kind of went off the boil though even by my standards, but the amount of publicity they're getting lately seems to be indicating a bit of a comeback.
Pet Shop Boys were pretty cool, they've not really done anything mainstream that I've heard since the late 80's/early 90's.

Excellent lyrics, nice that they're reviving the art of the protest song!
Ann - What do you mean "were" pretty cool! LOL! I would love to be that cool when I'm 50! As for mainstream, it might surprise you that their last two singles both made it into the Top 10, and I suspect this one might too...if I've got my facts right they are the most "chart" successful duo ever.

I think they've always been able to write good songs that whilst maybe not out and out protest, do have a good dig at people. Banal lyrics aside, "Shopping" was a good example being a smack at Thatcherite Britain and privatisation, yet people only seem to remember the chorus "We're S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G., we're shopping"...did I mention it had banal lyrics?! ;-p
The whole Bush Blair love story thing makes me cringe, you have to wonder what leverage the chimp in chief is using to get Tony to bend over so far and so willingly too! As for the pet shop boys, I think they've made some good songs in the past,and then had a phase of writing songs that only appeal to their die hard fans. Bit like Depeche Mode really I suppose, yes I admit I am a die hard DM fan hehe.
Serai - Another thing that baffles me is how Tony Blair has made some monumental blunders yet still managed not to get booted out of office. I guess I'm am to DM as you are to PSB...I like quite a bit of DM songs, but certainly haven't been "Keeping Up With" them. I'll be the first to admit that the PSB's were teetering on the edge of losing my custom several years ago, but their last couple of singles have been better I think and I've got high hopes for the new album.
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