Monday, March 13, 2006


"Roll" Reversal

This evening I came home to this...

And it's not the first time either. I thought it was guys who were supposed to be the ones too lazy to take 5 seconds out of their busy schedules to change the toilet roll?

I've told Martha many many times that I shall start a log of how many toilet rolls I find in this state. I've tried the "leave it alone" doesn't work, so hopefully publicly naming and shaming will do the trick.

Anyway, I have to cut it short tonight - it's late and I can see nothing but CD's in front of my eyes...

That is my biggest pet peeve, closely followed by those that put it on but put it on upside down! The "roll" should roll off the top, not from underneath! :(
hehehe -- Love it! Name and Shame! Come on Martha - you know better than that! And I agree with Moose up there -- over - not under!!!
Hmmm, I've got to come out and say I'm with Martha on this one, because it's something I've been known to do on the odd occasion!

In my defence I'll say we don't actually own a toilet roll holder and just use the top of the cistern, but I do start new rolls and forget to put the cardboard tube in the bin sometimes. *Hangs head in shame* :)
Moosekahl - I agree, the roll MUST roll off the top! Thanks for stopping by!

SS - I think we're all agreed on proper toilet etiquette!

Ann - I think since you don't have a toilet roll holder that kind of makes a difference, although leaving empty rolls lying around too long just isn't on. If I finish a roll before I go to bed I will always change the roll, but don't generally throw away the empty one until morning. Otherwise is goes straight in the bin (or paper recycling :-D).
Oh Gabby! This one made me laugh! I too have TP issues. I hate it when it isn't put in the holder right direction. (I'm with Moosekahl on this one!) AND I hate it when someone (my daughter) leaves just a square or two of the paper left on the roll! ARG!
This ranks right behind leaving the seat up on the toilet. That really pisses me off too! I mean, how hard is it to put the TP on correctly and lower the lid to the toilet! HELLO!!!
OGO - I'm going to make sure Audrey doesn't pick up this nasty habit, you can be certain of that!

Jennybabe - You'll note in the photo that the lid of the toilet is down - this was AFTER I had used it (but before I took the photo obviously because I needed to get the evidence!). Aren't I a good boy!
Your Honour, in my defense... I am lazy, I have always been lazy, but Gabby knew that when I married him!

Also, please note, that I am ALWAYS the one who does the bog roll at my work! Doesn't that make up for it a bit?

...No, not really!

Sorry Gabby, must try harder!
LOL - the same thing happens in our house, too. My wife, normally anal and clean and a strong desire to keep everything in its place.

But when it comes to toilet paper, all her rules go out the window. Sigh. I might do the same thing as you. Good idea.
Oofma - My dearest! I love you really!

MyUtopia - I wasn't laughing at the time!

Mark Leslie - Hiya, thanks for dropping by! I think naming and shaming is a good idea, but it was kind of a last resort for me...
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