Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Quick update

If they find me dead tomorrow, tell the doctors to check my chest...I've got some serious chest pain happening and I have no idea why...I guess it could be related to the workout, but it's never happened before.

I did my weigh in and I'm somewhere between 157 and 158 pounds now which is an ever so slight improvement on last week.

Once again I'm trawling through CD's...I have one more pile to go, so should have them finished by Thursday.

Not much else to tell...Audrey seems a little better tonight - she was making mischief so she can't be that bad!

Sure you've not just had a bad Balti? :)
Is your arm numb? If it is you best head down to the Doctor pronto!
I sure hope you got over the chest pains. That's scary!
Take it easy!
Ann - I wish I had because at least that would explain it!

CCB - No numbness in my arm...still quite scary though, but it has passed.

SS - Pain disappeared after a while, but I was sat at the computer for probably a good ten minutes or so with it. Hopefully just bad heartburn.

MyUtopia - The worry is that I WAS taking it easy at the time...blogging isn't terrible stressful is it?
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