Monday, March 06, 2006


My daughter the comedian...

When we go swimming we normally give Audrey something to eat afterwards - on Saturday we gave her a banana.

At one point she had a mouthful of banana and turned to Martha and tried to say something, but it just came out as "Mnph, mnph, mnph, mnph."

When she'd finished her mouthful I said to her "What did you say to Mummy?"

Mouth now empty, Audrey replied, "Mnph, mnph, mnph, mnph."


I LOVE it! Can't wait till she has her own blog it'll be a doozie!
OGO - Oh crap, Audrey with her own blog! I never even thought of that!
She is so adorable :) "Almost" makes me want one.
Scott & Julia - Go on! You know you want one really!
Oh my...takes after her dad, I see! Adorable photo, Gabby..and I can't wait for her to start her own blog!
Lady A - Are you calling me a smartass?!
HAHAHHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT! And the picture you've posted with this post is priceless!!! That's my kinda girl!
Excellent! I love that kid!
SS - Thanks...Audrey has shown that she's got quite a cheeky sense of humour before, but it's not always been this memorable!

Ann - You know what? We love her too! :-)
Don't suppose she's up for adoption then? Or we could always swap my stepdaughter who asked me if I was having a mid life crisis a couple of months ago! :)
Ann - LOL! Sorry this ones not for adoption! I have no experience in the step-kids department, but I can just imagine that would be one line of conversation!
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