Sunday, March 26, 2006


Music to my ears

I'll fill you in on the weekend shennanigans tomorrow, but the big news is I completed the mighty CD upload into iTunes on Friday night!

It comprises 5705 tracks (which by Deb's standards isn't many) which are all LEGALLY bought and paid for by Martha and me. There are a few duplicates which were unavoidable, but also we omitted a few CD's which contained extremely embarrassing material which we'd never dream of putting into iTunes so I guess that evens it out.

Below is a complete artist list in some sort of freakish incomprehensible alphabetical order (don't ask me why)..."Compilations" is exactly that - usually movie soundtracks, but also a few music compilation CD's which do contain other artists not listed here.

I realise there are a few What The F's and doubtless some WHO The F's too, but I'm happy to field any questions you have.

Yoko Ono
White Town
Way Out West
Violent Femmes
Tori Amos
Tina Turner
They Might Be Giants
The Woodentops
The Village People
The Sugarcubes
The Stranglers
The Smiths
The Simpsons
The Prodigy
The Police
The Other Two
The Muppets
The Mike Flowers Pops
The Lightning Seeds
The Housemartins
The Fixx
The Divine Comedy
The Cure
The Cardigans
Public Image Ltd_
Pérez Prado Orchestra
Peter Gabriel
Pete Burns
Pet Shop Boys
Nitzer Ebb
Nine Inch Nails
New Order
My Life Story
Miyuki Motegi
Mike Doughty
Michael Nyman Band
Merril Bainbridge
Men Without Hats
Mark Snow
Manic Street Preachers
Liza Minnelli
Leonard Cohen
Kylie Minogue
Kate Bush
Kari Kari
Joy Division
John Linnell
Jim Carrey & Desi Arnaz
Jeff Wayne
It's Immaterial
Inga Humpe
Indigo Girls
Ian Wright
Howard Jones
Heavy D & The Boyz
Hazel O'Connor
Girls Against Boys
Foo Fighters
Fat Les 2000
Eighth Wonder
East 17
Dusty Springfield
DJ Dado
Depeche Mode
The Boo Radleys
The Bloodhound Gang
The Beautiful South
Tears For Fears
Soul Coughing
Smashing Pumpkins
Robbie Williams
Richard Strauss
Spin Doctors
David Bowie
Collective Soul
Carter USM
Blank & Jones
Billie Trix
Barenaked Ladies
Babylon Zoo
Alanis Morissette
Adam Faith
808 State

Forget those, what are the ones you omitted?

We have about 16200 tracks on our server. 1254 Albums, 782 artists.
wow..that's some list you have there! many of whom I have CDs of too! Congrats on converting them over.
Priya - That's a lot of music. It's all legal I hope!

SS - Thanks, it started out as fun but it was a labour of love in the end...glad it's done! Just need to make a habit of adding new ones as we buy them. I plan to try keeping it legal but how long that will last is anyones guess!
Speaking of 'legal', I was wondering at the legality of the fact that I rip CD's that I have bought legally, so I can play them on my pc. The part where it gets a bit dubious is that some of these CD's now have that silly protection thingie on them, silly obviously because a low tech person like me has still managed to rip them with no problems at all.

Oh and the day I am going to start worrying about wether all my music is legal, will be the day I see a hard up rock star, or music exec. I buy CD's of bands I really like, but if it's someone I'm not sure about and just want to test the water, then I will happily download it from someone/somewhere, I lose sleep over a lot of things, this isn't one of them.
Serai - That's exactly a question I put on my blog about a wqeek or so ago when I started uploading songs into the computer. If I bought all those CD's legit, then surely taking a backup of them is fine, but if I then SELL my original, and keep the backup, am I then breaking the law?

I have a few CD's that were supposed to have that new protection on them and didn't give me the slightest bit of grief.

Martha and I simply agreed it would be fun to start afresh with all the "legal" CD's we had. I guess it's only a matter of time before we have some illegal downloads among them, and I agree, its nice to download some things before buying them anyway...I'm a packaging whore when it comes to music, so I prefer to buy them legit anyway because I like the pretty sleevenotes!
I've only got 3.5K songs. I feel so small!
Ann - It's not the size of your music collection that counts, it's the order in which you play them that matters!
Yoko Ono? Really?
OGO - Yes, REALLY Yoko Ono...I guess I should was a rerelease of an old song called Walking On Thin Ice (recorded around the time of John Lennon's death) from a year or so ago and the Pet Shop Boys did a couple of remixes for it. As a result I had little choice but to add it to the collection.
Someday, I'd like to take all my music and load it on an IPod, in the event I can afford to get one.

I think you have a well-rounded collection of tunes!
Jennybabe - I'm still not convinced by iPods personally - yeah, they look cool, but as I've said (and will say again) I'm a slave to design and packaging when it comes to my music. I want my sleeve notes, cool CD covers, stickers and tacky badges!
800 tracks more than us, we have 4934 tracks in 22 genres which consists of 644 artists and 435 albums. I guess we have more artists than albums because of the almighty number of 80's compilations Carla manages to prise into the collection.

All totally legal!

Worst thing was getting all the cover graphics for the albums but I used the Amazon Album Art widget to do that and it didn't take that long really.

I wanted to get all the music on the mac for one reason - I can see a time when I can set it up as a music server and be able to listen to any music in the entire collection at any point anywhere in the house without having to look for it. I do, of course, keep it backed up on an external firewire HD! ;-)
Garry - Ah the task of finding the cover artwork rests with Martha...she's made a start, but I don't think our OS can use the widget you speak of...I've been looking for options to make life easier, but Martha seems to enjoy just browsing record sleeves, so I'll leave her to it!
You're not using 10.4? Wow! ;-)
Garry - Nope, we've not upgraded and probably wont now...I think it's more likely that we'll be buying a new computer in the months to come, so doubtless that will have everything bang up to date on it.
Ah right. A luvverly new 20" intel iMac. Yum!
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