Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mothers Day HNT

For those of us situated in the UK, this Sunday is Mothering Sunday, or Mothers Day. If you live in the USA or Canada, I'm sorry guys but you've been using the wrong date all this time! For the rest of the world, I'm sorry, I have no idea if you celebrate Mothers Day at all, but maybe you can educate me.

Anyway, I decided todays HNT should therefore be appropriately themed for all those wonderful mummies out there. I think you'll find it really needs no further introduction.

I do however feel that the picture needs some text to back it up. Martha as always did the Photoshop retouching, and did an excellent job. However, in doing so she pretty much had to obliterate every detail from the photo of myself that was used, hardly making it qualify as an HNT picture at all.

I do think you can tell it's me in there somewhere, and if you are in any doubt, here is the "source" image of my face to prove it. It's somewhat stretched and skewed from the actual original, but this is what Martha used as the overlay to put me into the poster artwork.

Happy HNT everyone, and a Happy Mothers Day to those celebrating it this weekend with their "mummies"!

Once again, great HNT (what lovely fillings you've got!!). Happy HNT!
Amazing. I can't tell you're in the picture - she does outstanding work - or you're pulling a fast one on us! haha! HHNT!
LOL I think Martha did an awesome job there! I could still tell it was you and yet it was just like in the movie poster - excellent job!

I have to say though, your unretouched picture is a lot scarier LMAO!


You are a gift!
Happy MUMS day and HHNT!
Very cool :) must be spitting sand for some time after this one ;)

Happy HNT!
lol, happy mummy's day! and happy HNT! your submissions are always so fun!
eeeeek! Happy HNT!
Your Martha sure has a talent in Photoshop! I love these, and I hope you're able to continue this theme for many more weeks!
Okay that is just scary!
I like the real you better!
That is soooo cool! Happy HNT
Looks Great

From this mummy 2 yours.. Happy Mummies day & ummmm.. lol nice pic's!!
Your martha is very talented indeed!

Happy HNT
*LOL* Gabby. I always love your HNTs. This movie theme cracks me up! Great job once again!
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