Friday, March 17, 2006


Maybe I should get my stomach stapled first...

On Tuesday, when I did my weigh in, I was a bit peeved to find I'd put on weight. I've been pretty strict with the workouts this week, so it didn't seem to make sense. Anyway, I did another weigh in yesterday and my weight has dropped back down again, so I'm assuming it was a blip.

Unfortunately, I suspect by next Tuesday my weight will be back up again, because this weekend is going to be one of extreme indulgence.

Martha and I are ditching Audrey with my parents after swimming tomorrow and taking ourselves off shopping. I don't think we've been shopping as a couple since before Audrey was born. So we're in for a whole afternoon of retail therapy, and I've also decided that I am not going to let the fact that I usually hate busy shopping malls put me off. I'm going to try to relax and enjoy, and I think not having Audrey there will help with that a great deal.

Anyway the reason I say I'll pile on the weight again, is doubtless we will be eating lunch at the mall, so there's a good chance that will be fast food of some kind. I don't mind fast food in small doses. We tend not to eat at fast food restaurants unless we can't help it and we also try not to feed Audrey junk food either. However, sometimes you just get the hankering for some KFC, or a nice McChicken Premiere! I can feel the weight going on just thinking about it!

After shopping we've also booked a table at our favourite restaurant for supper. It's called "The Haywaggon" and is a pub which does some amazing Italian food. Let me tell you, when I'm there, it's no holds barred! Starter, main course, pudding, alcohol...try to stop me!

So then Martha and I are going to spend the rest of the night together without Audrey...

...and on Sunday go to my parents for Sunday lunch...doubtless this will be a roast of some kind. I guess it's just a "mother" thing, but of course I truly believe my mother does the best Sunday roasts on the planet, maybe even in the entire universe. Unfortunately, she's a self confessed disaster area when it comes to desserts, but I can forgive that when presented with a plateful of roast "dead animal of your choosing" with all the trimmings!

Oh, and don't forget that Friday night IS pizza night, so Martha and I will be building our very own pizza perfection at home tonight for supper! Do you think a whole ball of buffalo mozzarella on one pizza is too much?!

Yep, when all taken into account I think that'll just about put me back to my pre-workout weight - it's a bit frightening to think that you can undo two months of hard exercise in just three days!

In other news "I'm as excited as a really excited person who's got a special reason to be excited" (thanks Blackadder!) because the Pet Shop Boys are doing a free...yes FREE, GRATIS, WITHOUT CHARGE...concert in Newcastle in May. It's actually the "Battleship Potemkin" concert (that's the "boys" plus full orchestra and the movie shown in tandem with it) that they performed in Trafalgar Square, London in 2004, which I missed. It was also a free concert.

Well, I say missed, I actually decided not to go. The timing was bad for me and I have an aversion to London like you wouldn't believe. I wasn't too upset about missing it either - a few mates of mine went along and told me it poured with rain which would have been the final nail in the coffin for me.

Anyway, Newcastle works for me because it's close to where my sister lives, so I've asked her if we can stay there. Hopefully she'll be cool with that! Also, I'm now familiar with the music they composed for the film, so I'll probably get more out it than had I heard it for the first time at the original event. So fingers crossed we can sort out babysitting, transport and lodging for that! Chances of it raining up in Newcastle are fairly high (I've even seen it snow up there in May!), but I think the venue is much more to my liking, so if the weather sucks I don't think it will spoil it too much for me.

Meanwhile, I'm still wading through piles of CD's to upload into iTunes. They should be finished within a few days, at which point I plan to give you a precis of what musical delights reside on our computer.

Have a great weekend everybody!

I'm being bad too, on my way to McDonals for a ShamRock Shake. My rationalization is that they only have them once a year :)
I hope you have a lovely time just being a couple for the day.

I'm jealous. ;)
Sounds like you've got an excellent weekend planned - enjoy it! According to one of my diet books, exercise makes you store glycogen which makes you put on weight. Or something. Diets were/are never my thing.

I guarantee it will be raining in Newcastle because it always does without exception (an ex lived up there, say no more!). As a born-again Londoner, just the thought of Newcastle brings me out in a rash, I hope you return unscathed!

Have a good one!
MyUtopia - Ooh, whats in a Shamrock Shake?! Sounds interesting!

OGO - Thanks...full report after the weekend! (well, maybe not ALL the gorey details!)

Ann - Hmm, this is more about getting fit than dieting - the weight loss is sort of a by product of that. I'm pretty much at the weight I want to and should be anyway. And I'm almost certain you'll be right about Newcastle being rainy, although I have to admit I spent a wonderful sunny and HOT weekend in Alnwick last summer which was quite out of character for the North East!
No McDonald's for me. There's one a block from my house and it's hard to pass it and not stop, but I'm committed to this damn diet.... oh well - if you have a mcchiken premium enjoy it for me and get some fries too!
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