Friday, March 10, 2006


Life, love and lemmings!

I'll spare you all the gorey details of yesterday. However, the musty smell was coming from a soaking wet carpet in the room. Above it, in the loft there was a leaking tap, which had been dripping continuously for goodness knows how long. Not only was the carpet soaked, the ceiling was damp and there was water literally dripping down the walls.

Add to that a bunch of more work related problems, a lot of shouting and swearing at people who seem to think they are always right and I am always wrong, and it all made for a rather stressful day.

When I got home I prepared for our date. Martha had booked a table at a local pub - I say pub but as is the way with many pubs these days they tend to serve quite spectacular (and dare I say it - "posh") food. Anyway, when Martha came home it transpired that Audrey was once again very much out of sorts, running a very high temperature. In fact, Audrey was so out of it she fell asleep before we left.

The current theory is that it may be she has chickenpox which has allegedly been doing the rounds in the area lately, and we know that some of the kids at the childminders have been in direct contact with people who have had the illness recently. So far though there's no major discernable rash to confirm it, but we should know for certain in the next day or so.

Mum reminded me today that when she heard that one of the local kids had chickenpox she made sure that I went and played over to their house so I caught it! I'm not sure if that mentality still exists today, but I have to say that if it is chickenpox I'll be quite pleased that Audrey has had it and got it out of (or rather into) her system...

Anyway, Martha and I went for our meal. It was lovely! I had a well earned pint of Guinness and started out on the pate with crusty bread. I followed that up with duck in a lovely brandy and I think plum sauce. I was quite full after that but still managed to find room for a heavenly tiramisu (sorry Priya, I didn't get a photo, but I'm no longer jealous of yours!) and a cup of coffee.

Back at home we said goodnight to the babysitter and got ourselves ready for bed. We agreed that one of us would sleep in Audrey's room that night...and since Martha had been up with her the night before, that duty fell to me. However, before we got to bed, Audrey had already woken and was very listless. We gave her some medicine, but shortly afterwards she threw it up, so it was off to the bathtub to clean up and also to try to get her temperature down.

Once that was done it was fairly easy to administer some more medicine to her and settle her down for the night. We kept her in our guest bed, and I slept at her side until she woke me at 4am asking for milk. Again she was running a fever, so I gave her medicine as well as milk, and before long we were both back to sleep again until waking up time. All in all it was a pretty good night actually.

Today came and went, which after yesterday's stresses was quite welcome. Back at home we made pizzas for supper and have done the whole usual routine with Audrey, but still being mindful of her temperature. She has gone to bed without incident, but I suspect she'll be up in the night.

Anyway, tomorrow we have another house viewing at 10am. Hopefully the estate agent wont stand us up this time! Swimming looks like it will be cancelled for us so we'll have a pretty free day to get on with stuff.

Finally, here's a bit of fun I want to share with you guys. Martha registered her PSP online and now we get emails from Sony about forthcoming games. One we got today was for the rerelease of the classic game, Lemmings. If you've never played Lemmings then beg, borrow or steal a copy for your chosen platform - I reckon it must exist for everything from PC to Xbox and it is a wonderfully addictive puzzle game where you try to rescue the hapless Lemmings from certain doom by making sure they dig, build and jump to safety. This is a typical screenshot from the game - looks unassuming, but trust me, it's hellishly addictive!

Anyway, on the email there was a link to the Lemmings website which has an online "game" called Bootcamp. It's not actually the Lemmings game itself, so don't get confused, but just a bit of online fun! Click on the Lemming below to get to the game! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Strangely we had this discussion about chickenpox in the office yesterday. My trainee is a new father, and he was talking about people he knows having chickenpox parties for kids. I wish my parents had made sure I was exposed to it when I was small, I had chickenpox when I was 22 and it knocked me out for a good 6 weeks, littl'uns seem to just bounce back from it.

I'm surprised to hear Lemmings are still going, it was a brilliant game, will definitely check out the link.
I guess I've been in the dark for several years since I've never heard of the game, Lemmings. I think I may have to give it a shot and see what it's about. Thanks, Gab.
Sounds like you had a wonderful meal!

And I am *very* wary of chickenpox. I have never had it. That's right - I'm over 35 and have never had chickenpox.

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Ann - Well, Audrey was on top form today, although we didn't go swimming. One of her friends from the childminders officially has chickenpox now though, so even if what she had wasn't it, she'll get it soon enough I think! I was fortunate to have chickenpox as a toddler - I don't remember it at all. Yep, Lemmings are still going, and we bought the game for Martha's PSP today - talk about impulse buying!

Jennybabe - You should check out Lemmings, especially if you like irritating puzzle games with cute graphics!

Deb - Well, if you saw Anne's comment above, she was knocked out for 6 I guess you'd better steer clear of it! I also know someone who just got over a bout of shingles which sounded utterly awful! If it is the chickenpox I shall be quite pleased that Audrey has had it...some things are best dealt with when you're least likely to remember them!
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