Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Knock

Ever have one of those days where no matter how fast you work, you never seem to get on top of it all?

Today was one of those days. Having said that, I didn't mind too much - what really peeves me the most is that I've spent most of the week twiddling my thumbs at work, and then in one fell swoop I've got a million things to would have been nicer if all that work had been gently spread across four days.

Added to that was an unannounced visit from Her Majesties Revenue & Customs to check up on some files. Always a joy, never a chore! At least the two nice ladies today had a sense of humour but they cleared us out of paper by asking me to copy every last sheet of paper from about a dozen files before skulking off into the afternoon sun. I don't mind too much, since we try to keep a pretty tight ship particularly when it comes to Customs related matters, but their presence, especially unannounced, is very disruptive to your day and even more so when you're rushed off your feet already.

I also got my car fixed today so it now has its MOT certificate, and I've used the new whizzy "pay your car tax online" thing tonight so should be getting my tax disc in a few days. That also means I am £300 poorer than I was yesterday...easy come, easy go, I guess!

Funny how all of this comes the day after our Government's annual budget. I couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to meet with Customs and pay a wedge to Gordon Brown (texture like sun - I know it's old, but I never tire of it!).

I have this theory that it's a bad idea to have a "fat" Chancellor of the Exchequer. I'm not saying Gordon is especially, but any guy who looks like he's had one too many good meals who is put in charge of the countries coffers doesn't sit too well with me. Just look at Nigel Lawson - you can possibly take him a bit more seriously now he's lost the weight, but back when he was Chancellor he looked like he was eating all the pies and leaving nothing left for the rest of us. Some might actually say that was indeed the case, but I'll sit conveniently on the fence.

Anyway I'm not sure I can see Gordon Brown (finer temptress) in the position of Prime Minister...I don't like the way his tongue lolls out when he talks...if you've never noticed it, you sure as hell will now!

In other news, it is now 100% official that one of Audrey's chums from the childminders has chickenpox. Yes, I know I said this before and that time it was a false alarm, but this time it's been properly checked and verified. Audrey was with said person for two days this week, so we're bracing ourselves for "the pox" any day now. Luckily her ear is much much better, so I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

Gabby Gabby Gabby - are you implying that an overweight person has less ability to govern than one who isn't overweight? I never would have guessed you'd say that.... Hopefully Audrey's potential chickenpox bout won't be too terribly bad!
SS - Not implying that at all...I just don't like the idea of the guy (gal) who looks after all the cash that the UK has, looking so well fed when there are people (not even in far away lands) who could probably use a good meal or two. It think it just leaves a bad impression - a sort of "us and them" feeling. His (her) ability to govern is a totally separate issue. It's all about presentation and how you look in front of the general public.
I don't know whether having a fat chancellor is entirely a bad thing. At least you know he's not going to tax anything fun (ie unhealthy) to the hilt, although having said that I do think that cigarettes should be taxed more to recoup some of their cost to the health service. I'd be more suspicious of a skinny health freak chancellor who taxed red wine and all meat products!

My trainee's 9 month old has got the pox too, there's obviously a lot of it around. Fingers crossed that Audrey doesn't get it too bad, I seem to remember when I had it a few yrs ago the spots came about 2 weeks after I was exposed to it, so you've probably got a few days grace with Audrey before it hits.
Ann - Anything that puts people off smoking is good by me, and you're right, I'd be desperately unhappy if meat products got taxed...anyway, I'm a great believer that everything is bad for you in excess and you can eat/do anything so long as you're sensible about it. You're right about the pox incubatiuon period, so we should be looking out for it in a week or so by my reckoning. Calomine lotion is at the ready!
Sounds like we had a similar day. I was swamped today and will most likely be swamped today too!
MyUtopia - Today (Friday) has been, by complete contrast, been very boring! I've been fending off sales calls mostly!
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