Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm alive!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm OK!

I'm alive and well, although last nights chest pains were somewhat worrying.

I've had them before but usually can put it down to heartburn after a rather big/spicy/rich* (* delete as applicable) meal. This time however, all I've eating in the last couple of days is soup and bread for the most part. I probably wouldn't have even mentioned it had I not been just about to start writing my latest blog entry right at that particular moment.

Anyway, last night Audrey was crying again because of her ear. However, it seems to me that it is getting better. Although she had me and Martha fussing over her at about midnight, and again at 2am, she then managed to sleep though until waking up time this morning. Hopefully there wont be any need to take her back to the doctor, but we'll see how today pans out I guess.

The net result of all this broken sleep is Mummy and Daddy are feeling very tired lately. I probably shouldn't have kept myself up so late, but a combination of uploading MORE CD's into iTunes (I promise I'll shut up about this soon) and online chatting sealed my fate. It was only Audrey's crying and my personal feelings of guilt that Martha was dealing with her alone, that dragged my ass away from the computer, otherwise I probably would have still been sitting there well into the small hours of the morning.

Tonight I anticipate will be somewhat better since I need to organise my HNT post - which once again I've left until the last minute and have no idea what to do! That means hopefully Martha will be up for helping me out with that and therefore she will be on the computer for much of the evening. If I was more organised I'd take HNT photos at the weekend and have a whole bunch of them lined up weeks in advance, but lately they always seem to be done from start to finish the night before - that is not my style at all - I like to be more organised.

Anyway, one final thing before I finish up here - over on my list of Blog Chums, one of my earliest reads, Techymike has decided to hang up his blog for now. He says he feels he has little to say, and I can kind of relate to that. Sometimes days go by where I feel I have nothing to say, but I usually try to put something out there. Mind you some days go by when I want to say a heck of a lot more than I do, but simply can't.

Anyway, good luck Mikeh and please continue to drop by!

Glad to hear you aren't dieing. Ear infections like most sicknesses get worse in the evening. Hopefully it will pass soon and you can get some more sleep.
Bless Audrey's heart. Those ear infections can be rough, for everyone!
MyUtopia - I'm glad to hear I'm not dieing either! I'm at work now, so no idea whether Audrey's been OK today or not yet...

OGO - Yeah, but at least Audrey can nap during the day...I don't think falling asleep at my desk would look too good!
Glad you're better, either that or you're dead really and this blog is ghost written!

It's a very bad idea staying up to the wee small hours online chatting, that and blogging are the crack cocaine of the internet!
Ann - Ghost writer! Groan! Yes, blogging and online chatting are very addictve...did you know when I'm not typing my fingers continue to twitch!
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