Sunday, March 12, 2006


If music be the food of love, play on, and on, and on...

It's been a bit of weird weekend. Not quite sure where to start actually...


Well, on Friday I was yabbering on about how she probably had chickenpox. So far nothing has developed, and if you go by everything you read in books and on t'internet, she should by now have a nice spotty rash. However, I would say the odds of her contracting chicken pox still remain extremely high. We now have one definite confirmed case from a little boy that also goes to our childminders, so we're anticipating a rough week ahead of more high temperatures and the administering of lots of calamine lotion for the itching.

Meantime Audrey has been in excellent spirits all weekend (and I might add more than a little naughty) so the fevers she had last week remain a complete mystery.

We agreed not to take any chances and skipped swimming yesterday and decided to stay at home for most of the weekend, venturing out only to do a grocery shop yesterday and go for a short walk today. I therefore decided to tackle one of those projects that has been on my list of things to do, but which you never get around to actually doing even though there's no actual reason for not just getting on with it.

That project was to upload all of our CD's into iTunes...

As of right now I'm looking at three large cardboard boxes - one is about a third full of CD's which have been successfully transferred. The other two are full, and comprise those that currently need to be done. In another room is yet another box which is full of CD's now completed and on our computer, but also a large CD rack FULL of CD's that haven't been transferred. So, on balance, I might be about a third of the way through after almost two days of doing nothing but banging CD's into the drive, letting iTunes do its stuff, and swopping it for the next one. Oh, the excitement!

Actually, to be honest it's been quite good fun up to a point. It's been nice to find some stuff I've not heard in a while and I've found our list of "Artists" combined is more eclectic than I thought. When you see it written down it makes you realise that your life doesn't entirely revolve around the Pet Shop Boys.

What I find most frustrating about it though is the number of repeated songs you get and how difficult it is to actually nail down that they are different. I suppose in a day when songs are remixed and rereleased almost as a matter of course it makes that task even harder, but I do wonder how much of my hard drive is already used up by pointless duplicates. I've trimmed a few down when I notice them, but for the most part all the tracks on each CD are intact. The worst offenders so far for repetition across their catalogues are New Order and They Might Be Giants. Actually, I think TMBG takes first prize. Exactly how many "Best Of TMBG" albums are there?! There should be a rule that "Best of..." albums are not allowed until said artist either retires or dies.

Martha and I were also debating the legal side of uploading our CD's to our computer. When we started we cleared the computer of ALL mp3's - every single music file, legal or otherwise, was removed from our computer. We didn't back them up - we just erased them. Then we agreed that only 100% legal, bought CD's were allowed to go into our nice clean hard drive. So here's the legal question...what happens, after we've uploaded (backed up) all our music, if we then sell our entire CD collection? I'm not saying we're going to, but in theory does that then make all of our backup's illegal even though we bought and paid for the CD's legitimately in the first place? Hmmm!

Oh, yesterday Martha and I bought Lemmings for the PSP. Talk about impulse buying! After getting that email about it on Friday and writing a little about it in my blog on Friday, we decided it would be fun to get it. However, Martha is still busy playing something else, and I've been doing nothing but CD uploading all weekend, so for now it's hardly been played! I'm sure that will all change very soon though!

I'm no legal scholar but I would say you'd be legal since you did indeed purchase all the music you had uploaded. Trouble is I doubt you could prove it.

I'm glad the little one is feeling better.
You have my sympathies, I did all the uploading of my CD's over the Christmas break, and found it incredibly tedious and mind-numbing. I'm not sure how it stands about copyright though

I didn't realise TMBG were still going, I've got their album 'Flood' (which I play to death) and didn't realise until Carla told me that they do kids' stuff these days.
OGO - Yeah, I guess if I sold all my CD's I'd have to keep receipts to prove I owned them legally at some point...anyway, I wont be selling them any time soon - putting it onto the computer is only for *hopefully* convenience.

Ann - Yeah, Martha's a TMBG fan more than I and has a load of their stuff. The kids DVD they did "Here Come The A,B,C's" is fabulous, and we recently watched their documentary *movie* which was quite interesting. They're quite prolific, but when you realise most of their songs clock in at under 2 minutes in length it's easy to see why!
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