Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"I like driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar"

Weight this week - 159lbs - gained 1lb.

Moving swiftly on...

My car is due for retaxing at the beginning of April.

For readers unfamiliar with this, in the UK one is required to pay a fee annually to keep their car on the road - in return you get a tax disc, a circular piece of paper which you display proudly in the windscreen of your car. The money made from this goes to the Government to pay for the upkeep of the all the roads in the UK, hence our fabulous highways infrastructure...oh sorry, I was having a daydream just then!

Anyway, in order to get your tax disc you are required to also have valid motor insurance and a MOT certificate. Again, for the uninitiated, this is an annual road worthiness test that every motor vehicle must undertake. Things like omissions, lights, windcreen, horn, seatbelts etc are all checked to make sure your car is safe to be out on the road.

These three things, the tax disc, MOT and insurance ensure you have a full year of safe and happy motoring...if you're missing any one of the three, you are, to all intents and purposes, driving illegally. That means your insurance is invalid, or you can be stopped by the cops and fined for not paying the Government for your right to drive on their beautifully tarmaced roads...whoops, drifting off into dreamland again!

Anyway, this week I got my reminder that my tax was due for renewal so I figured I need to dig up my MOT and insurance to get it. I'm not sure if other people do this, but to spread the cost I pay my insurance and have my MOT in October, then tax in April, rather than having the hassle of all three having to be paid at the same time. It works, and means I don't get into that last minute rush to try to get everything together in time to retax my car.

Well, I say it works, but this time it didn't!

Last October I did indeed pay my insurance but I forgot to get my car MOT'ed! I've been driving a car for 6 months without one, which basically means if I have an accident I'm buggered for the insurance! I feel like a total pillock - I've never forgotten to MOT my car until now.

So I guess tomorrow I will be booking it in as soon as possible for it's road worthiness test because I need that certificate before the end of the month to get my tax disc. I just hope my car is OK and doesn't need anything fixed in order to get through the test - I could really do without the financial hassle right now.

In other news, the chickenpox scare has passed. No idea where that came from...I just go on the information I'm given, so don't shoot the messenger!

Don't worry about the tax disc, they give you 14 days grace before they'll nick you for having no tax.

I know because I've been there, done that and also had to run down to the nearest MOT place to get it done quick. I also lost the log book (proof of legal ownership) and forgot I hadn't changed address so the tax reminder went to my old address, and had to hot-foot it down to the DVLA (vehicle tax authority) offices to grovel to them!
We have similar things in the U.S. but it isn't technically illegal to be driving without insurance in some states. In Michigan you have to have no fault insurance, but in Texas where I live now, it seems no one has insurance.
I'm sorry - I love reading your stuff when you get all UK on me! haha Hope nothing is wrong with the car and that all works out alright.
Ann - Yeah, I'm not quite at that sort of panic stage yet! Hopefully I'll have it all sorted before the end of the week...failing that early next week.

Myutopia - In the UK, no insurance = no tax disc. Of course there are people who still flout the law and get away with it leaving us poor buggers who try to obey the rules to foot their bills.

SS - Well maybe I'll just have to get "all UK" on you more often! ;-)
Good luck with the test and I'm relieved to hear that the chicken pox have eluded your house!
Jennybabe - MOT test is booked for Monday, so hopefully everything on my car will check out OK then and I'll be back on course to get my tax disc at the end of the month!
I'm glad the chicken pox fairy missed your house. I remember my bout with it like it was yesterday! My kids have both received the Chicken pox vaccine. So far so good.
OGO - I don't think Audrey will have the vaccine...I'd actually be happier for her to catch chickenpox and get it out of the way...
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