Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Finally made it!

Tonight has been a mess.

The house needed a tidy before tomorrow evenings first house viewing so Martha and I agreed that I would look after Audrey, bathe her, get her ready for bed, etc etc, while Martha started the tidying.

Sounded like a good deal to me!

Anyway, after Audrey was safely tucked up in bed we did our workout, after which neither of us felt up for doing anything else. Tidying came to grinding halt, and I decided to start my blog. The problem was the internet went down so I couldn't log in to do it. I wasted about a half hour because it was sort of *half* working, but eventually it gave up altogether, so I decided to quit for the night!

I had a few things to sort out before bed, so decided to leave the computer on, just in case the internet connection started up again. I'd got as far as brushing my teeth, taken a swig of mouthwash and came to the machine to take a look and bugger me if it wasn't back online again!

I quickly spat out the mouthwash and decided to get typing, and here I am!

And all I really wanted to tell you all was that I lost another 3lbs this week! I now weigh 158lbs!


Well done on your weight loss. 3 lbs in a week is pretty impressive! Nice one.
Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for all your support on my blog! It's nice to have someone other than my close friends to chat with!
Great job Gabby! I'm proud of your weightloss. :)
Ann - It makes up for the two pounds I put ON last week! It's back to how it should be now...

Jennybabe - Hello there! Just trying to get fit - weight loss is just the side effect that goes with it! Actually, I need to update my blogroll - I have you and a couple of other new blogs to add!

SS - Thank you! I'm pleased with it too...the problem is I'm getting to that crunch point where I need to level it out and keep it stable...
Hi, a nice blog you have here... You will surely get an bookmark :) Fleshlight
Nicolew - Nice spam you left there - you will surely get deleted if you ever do it again!
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