Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Emerald Half-Nekkid Thursday

The HNT-meister, Osbasso, decreed a St.Patrick's Day themed HNT this week.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Ireland or the Irish. I spent three (well two if you want to get picky) years at university in Ireland, and whilst there were good times, fun times and ridiculously drunken times, on the whole it wasn't the best time of my life. I do sometimes get the impression that people look at Ireland through rose tinted spectacles - for all it's beauty, it has of course its problems, especially with us English folk, but I for one would rather not dwell on the past or get into religious politics. I also find many of the Irish people I have met to be extremely argumentative folk, almost as if they're looking for conflict and thrive upon it.

I don't want to generalise or piss anyone off, but that's just my view after having spent some time living there.

Fortunately they have great taste in alcoholic beverages - Guinness and Bushmills whisky are two of my personal favourites.

Anyway, back to HNT - this is an Irish film through and through, a little gem which is very funny, quirky, and a little bit wicked! Here in the UK it was actually called "Waking Ned" not "...Ned Devine" but someone in the USA decided just "Ned" was somehow misleading - how I'm not quite sure, but the name got changed, and all I could find were copies of the "...Ned Devine" version of the poster.

As always, if you've not seen this film, I'd urge you to rent it.

Thanks again to Martha for her Photoshopping - she had a dreadful piece of poster artwork to work with to start off, so don't blame her for the poor quality of the image!

Oh, and one other point of note - that's me IN A SUIT - my very own SUIT! See, I do scrub up well sometimes!

Happy St.Patrick's Day for tomorrow and Happy HNT for today!

Superb! Absolutely superb! :) HHNT Gabby!
Nicely done, again! Happy HNT & Happy SPD. (enjoy the Guinness)
I love that. You really are creative! Happy HNT and Happy St. Patty's Day!
I love this movie!

Happy HNT and SPD!
Cool, as usual :) hhnt
Nice suit lol

Interesting take on Ireland and the Irish, thanks for sharing that.
That's pretty cool!!! Took me a bit to see the diff.'s late. lol

I think you are just awesome. SO very creative - always.
this is wonderful! so clever :)
happy hnt!
I love your HNT's! Your cover looks so much better.

Happy HNT :)
HHNT!! AND Happy St Patty's Day!
another fun HNt from you. i LOVED the movie. i still giggle when i think of the old man on the motorbike. happy HNT!
I liked the movie too. I am an Irish Polack so I not only like to argue but I can hold my liquir ;)
Happy HNT!
Hahah took me awhile to fingure out where you were! LOL Happy HNT
Excellent! Happy HNT.
Nice work - creative post! hhnt!
Very cool take on the cover
Happy HNT & SPD!
Haven't seen the flick, but cool PShopping! ;)

Happy Belated HNT / SPD! =)
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