Monday, March 20, 2006


Double-pack with a photograph, Extra Track (and a tacky badge)

Audrey's got an ear infection...

We've suspected it for a few days now, but it was only in the last two that we really knew it was bothering her. Right now she's dosed up to the eyeballs on painkillers and sleeping. When she's awake she just howls, but if you can convince her to suck water from her sippy cup that seems to alleviate the pain somewhat.

Martha took her to the doctors today, but they didn't prescribe anything for it and told us to come back if it was still causing trouble by Wednesday. Meanwhile, it looks like we'll be in for a rough night or two...

My car failed it's bloody MOT needs a new shock absorber and some weird thing I have no idea about. Anyway, it's going to cost two hundred quid to fix which is just what I don't need right now. It's due to be sorted out on Thursday...meanwhile I'm still driving illegally.

I've spent my evening uploading CD's again...I'm on the last leg, doing all my Pet Shop Boys CD's which is a little bit more interesting for me. If you had to ask me what it is I like about them, I have to say it's not just about the music. It's the whole package. I'm a total sucker for great packaging when it comes to CD's and DVD's.

This is the guy who almost bought Nine Inch Nails "Broken" and "Fixed" simply because he thought the concept of the album titles was cool! He hadn't heard a single NIN song up to that point. I'm an advertising executives dream come true!

Take for example the Pet Shop Boys album "Very" and it's limited edition dance album "Relentless" which to me is arguably one of the most complete album "packages" you could ever think of. Not only, in my humble opion, is every single track on both CD's completely brilliant thereby meaning you never find yourself skipping a track, but the original packaging, a sort of Lego style orange CD case was so revolutionary at the time it was shortlisted for a contemporary design award. Additonally the computerised styling of the videos for the singles released off the album and the outfits donned by the Boys themselves created the overall "image" that made the package complete. It's a total marketing triumph.

I used to (what am I saying, I still do!) get laughed at by friends for buying two copies of the same album/single simply because the packaging is slightly different. What this proves is it's not simply about the music. It's also about the way the music is presented to me. Does the image on the cover connect with me, excite me, or otherwise engage me somehow? That is why I simply cannot bring myself to download songs from iTunes - you can snazz it up as much as you like, but at the end of the day all it is is a computer file. No sleeve notes, no jewel case embossed with the bands logo, not even a shiny CD to care for - just some dull souless digital file that sits on your desktop with a crappy filename attached to it. Seriously people, how boring is that?

The title of this blog is a line from The Smiths song "Paint A Vulgar Picture" and sums up the cynical attitude of marketing execs who reckon they see people like me coming a mile away. Ironically The Smiths singles and albums like the Pet Shop Boys, have equally been subjected to the "Repackage...reissue" syndrome that Morrissey seemingly so despises...or does he? I think he and Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe are much much smarter than that...

Sorry to hear about Audrey, being ill is no fun when you're little (although all the extra attention is cool), or even when you're big for that matter!

I'm with you about the packaging, I kicked myself for ages when I didn't buy the 'Lego' style Very box when I could, then they went and changed it, grrrr! You could say they were 'Being Boring' :)
Ann - Audrey was bad in the night too - I'm running on very little sleep this morning. As for the PSB packaging - Martha and I have doubles of just about everything the PSB's have ever done. You just need to convince us that two Lego style boxes are surplus to requirement! ;-)
Sucks about the ear infection. THe new research out though shows that it is best to let them run the course instead of perscribing antibiotics.
I can't believe they didn't give Audrey an antibiotic to fight the infection! Have you had an ear infection? They hurt like a mutha!

I used to listen to NIN all the time not so much any more though. Too many young ears around here. Love the Smiths too!
MyUtopia - Doctors here are vert anti prescribing antibiotics because of the way the body grows immune to its effectiveness. I'm not terribly surprised Audrey wasn't given any right away. Hopefully she wont need them.

OGO - See my comment above to MyUtopia...I haven't personally had an ear infection in recent memory, but Audrey was very distressed last night. It wasn't pretty! Martha is more of a Smiths/NIN person than I will ever be, but I've come to like some of their stuff over the years. I'll be posting at greater length about our eclectic record collection as soon as I get all my CD's into iTunes!
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