Thursday, February 23, 2006


Where in the world?

If you're looking for my HNT it's below!

The red places show all the countries I have ever visited.

Thanks to Priya for pointing me in the direction of this neat little thing!

I didn't realise how pathetic it looked until I saw the map...also, it didn't have Easter Island on the list but I guess that counts as Chile...

create your own visited country map

It won't do me much good to fill one out - as I've never left the US. Not yet, anyway.
I've only been to Canada & Mexico. Besides of course USA. I've also been to Alaska, which swears they aren't a part of America.
Deb - Yes, yours might look a little weird...I have to say I was quite disappointed with mine, but I guess when you have Europe so accessible you tend to stick to places closer to home...

CCB - Well Alaska did get sold out to the USA by Canada...I suspect they're a little bit pissed off about that...
My map would be pretty boring. Nothing but the good ol' USA.
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