Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Tuesday tune-up

OK, today is weigh in day and it's not pretty.

I am back up to 161lbs, but here are my excuses:-

1. I've been busy. On Sunday I didn't do a workout and had a BIG pub lunch courtesy of my parents - however, I did exercise, moving quite a substantial amount of carpet out of a 1st floor flat.

2. I've been unwell. I caught a cold which started in earnest on Sunday. On Monday I felt rotten and didn't do a workout. I also got the munchies in the evening and ate 2 slices of toast with Nutella on, promptly followed by 2 cheese toasties. Also, I caved yesterday lunchtime and had some *comfort* food - bacon and egg sandwich, bag of Thai Sweet Chicken crisps and a minty Cadbury's chocolate bar.

Today I've been much better - a sensible lunch and supper, and I did a full workout even though I still have quite a nasty cold happening. I therefore think that given the circumstances there's no reason for me to feel bad about a slight weight gain.

I just hope that today's workout doesn't have an adverse effect on my cold...

I think the best diet book I've seen is Fat Girl Slim by Ruth Watson. Some of her rules are don't panic if things go wrong, you can always start again, build in a dedicated indulgence day and there's more to life than dieting. It even includes a "sod it" section for when you want to break your diet big time with a hot bitter chocolate mousse with thick Jersey cream. I haven't tried losing weight with it to see if it works...

I just convince myself that a skinny body looks ridiculous on anyone over the age of 23.
I think you're doing great with the diet Gabby -- you have good excuses and I'm sure you'll get back on the proper bandwagon soon.
Ann - Hot bitter chocolate mousse with thick Jersey cream! Diet? What diet?! To be fair though, I'm not ACTUALLY overweight - I just wanted to get fit and lose a few pounds, which is exactly what I've achieved the last couple of months...I just need to find a way of not piling it all back on again.

SS - Thankyou...I thought they were valid excuses and I'm not too disheartened about it...
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