Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Shhh! You aint' seen me, alright?!

I'm not really here!

Martha is supposed to be using the computer tonight, but I've blagged a moment to blog because of course it is weigh-in day!

We did our workout tonight and Harvey kicked my butt for a change. Some days I just can't get into it, and I felt pretty unwell afterwards, but I still did the workout and sweat buckets.

Anyway, I just weighed myself and as predicted I have actually GAINED weight this week - 2lbs to be exact putting me at 161lbs.

Am I downhearted? Well not actually. The fact is I lost a lot of weight when I was ill - probably too much weight - and since getting back to normal included some fairly hefty meals, it stands to reason any weight loss this week would be unlikely. I guess it might have been nice to have maintained my weight at last weeks weight of 159lbs but I guess with my weight dropping averagely 2lbs a week, I'm still pretty much on course even at 161lbs.

I don't know if the fat getting replaced with *heavier* muscle thing is true either, but if it is, I think we can safely assume there's been some of that going on as well.

Anyway, time to slope off again! Remember, you ain't seen me, alright?!

Seen who? I ain't seen nobody! haha
I saw you!!!! Oh wait, that was Mr. Schwartzenegger. Easy mistake, sorry!

SS - Thank you! Nice to know I can count on you to keep quiet!

TechyMike - I'll be back!
I was thinking while I was reading this that you have probably gained muscle and then you went and said it.

Mums the word here. I know nothing. NOTHING!
OGO - Well, it must be true then! Muscle it is! And the MIB will be around soon to erase your memory.
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