Friday, February 17, 2006


Puff the Magic Dragon...

TGIF...I think...

This week has had some ups and downs, so I should be glad it's the weekend I reckon...I spent most of my working week mucking about with computers that kept crashing...grrr!

Thanks to assburger2006 or whatever he called himself for spamming my HNT post! How utterly pointless was that eh?!

Audrey is sick - AGAIN! She's got a cold which has given her a temperature...poor thing was just flopping around last night and this morning, so hopefully she'll be feeling a little better when I get home tonight...yes OGO I'm blogging from work again!!!

No swimming tomorrow, but thanks to Audrey being unwell, any plans we had to do anything have I guess we'll have to see how she is tomorrow morning and decide how to fill our day then.

The big news of the week I thought was the vote in the House of Commons over smoking in public seems we will be finally following the likes of Canada in making pubs and bars no smoking areas in the next year or so, which can only be good news.

I've never been a smoker (although I'll raise my hand to having smoked cigarettes and cigars in the past, usually when I've been too drunk to care!) and have for the most part been quite anti-smoking. My mother is a smoker, and my father was too, but quit some years ago before it really became fashionable to say you were a former smoker! My sister I believe has also quit, although I'm not quite sure
how that's going - let me know Sis, if you're reading this!!! I think it makes sense...I'm not a whiney anti-smoker - I don't really care all that much if someone is puffing away next to me, but thats usually when it's outside or in a very open space. Otherwise it's pretty intolerable. All those smokers who are complaining about it being against their rights of freedom are forgetting that we never get a choice to inhale their second hand smoke and to have our clothes stink of their disgusting habit when we walk into a bar. When people say it will reduce the number of people who go to pubs, I wonder about how many people, like Martha and I who stay clear of pubs BECAUSE of the smoke, and how there are equally vast numbers of new customers these pubs will get as a result of them being smoke free.

What really pains me about this is how long its taken our government to pull their fingers out to put this into action. It really is a no brainer!

Have a happy and smoke free weekend folks!

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