Sunday, February 19, 2006


Lock, Stock & Barrel

Each and every weekend Martha and I always ask each other "So what are we gonna do then?" - we start to sound like the vultures in Jungle Book after a while because we simply end up playing tennis with this phrase until one us finally decides to think of something to do.

This weekend was no exception, but with Audrey somewhat out of sorts before the weekend we were unsure as to whether we should venture too far. Anyway, a half eaten out of date loaf of bread provided the answer and I suggested we find somewhere with ducks that we could feed. A quick scoot on the internet provided us with some ideas locally, and we plumped for one that we already knew from a couple of previous expeditions, Foxton Locks, which provided a decent and pleasant canal-side walk, narrowboats to get Audrey excited about, ducks to feed, and most importantly a pub to buy a drink and possibly lunch.

So off we went and to be honest it was mostly a very good excursion. The biggest downer was probably the weather, which was a smidge too cold for our liking and it started out rather foggy. We walked down the tow-path of the canal past the lock-keepers cottage and down the hill where the locks operate allowing the boats to travel up and down. I always thought locks were kind of cool in the way that they work.

At the bottom of the hill we stopped to feed a large number of ducks who seemed pretty happy to see us with our stale bread, but soon Audrey said she was getting cold, so we ventured into the pub to get a pint of brew. We ummed and ahhed about lunch (in which time I'd already eaten my way through two small tins of Pringles) and decided to have just a starter before heading on our way. Martha had leek and potato soup and I had some rather yummy pate.

We headed back up the hill to the car - the weather hadn't improved, but we took a few happy snaps along the way, a few of which I've posted below. When we got home we found that the fresh air just knocked us out. We've been feeling pretty sleepy all afternoon, and are seriously contemplating not doing our workout tonight...however, I think guilt will take over and I'll end up doing it anyway.

Well, thats about my lot - enjoy the photos, and fingers crossed for a decent week ahead! Byee!

Looks like you guys had a good time. Hope A gets to feeling better soon -- seems she's been sick forever.
SS - It's just the time of year - Audrey just seems to catch every cold and bug that's doing the's not that she's an especially sickly child...come the summer she should be fine until Autumn comes around again! Just one of the joys of parenting!
I'm glad you got out and were able to do something fun together. Nice pictures too!
Sounds like you had a good weekend even though the weather wasn't that great. At least you didn't get 2 ft of snow ;)
OGO - Thanks, it was nice to do something...we could have spent all day just trying to come up with ideas!

Scott & Julia - OK, the weather WAS great compared to 2ft of snow, I grant you, but since I swear I'm solar powered, I considered it to be fairly poor!
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