Monday, February 20, 2006


Like a Virgin

I just bought my first Madonna CD!

Checks date - yep, 20th February's only taken me 20+ years to lose my virginity to the Queen of Pop!

I bought the CD single of "Sorry" purely because it contains a rather stonking remix by, yep, you guessed it, the Pet Shop Boys! However before you all go into mental shutdown, this is not a post about PSB's. I just found it rather weird that it's taken me this long to actually buy something by Madonna. I guess the songs title is rather apt - I feel like I need to apologise for never having bought anything by Madonna.

I've never been a fan especially, but at the same time I've never disliked her music either. In fact, its fair to say I actually really like quite a lot her music. I really can't understand why it is that there has been, up until today, not a single thing by Madonna in my record collection.

The only thing I can really put it down to is that it wasn't especially *cool* for a male teenager to be into Madonna back in the mid eighties. I knew plenty of girls who adored her, but unless you wanted to get your head kicked in after school, saying you liked Madonna was probably the last thing on a guys mind.

After that I would say success bred contempt for me. Her stardom just completely overshadowed her music as far as I was concerned, so whilst I enjoyed hearing her stuff played on the radio it was never something I felt the need to go out and buy. That and the fact that I spent most of my pocket money on Pet Shop Boys records anyway so there was precious little left over for anything else.

I had a fleeting moment with Madonna in University when Erotica was released. The fuss over her book allowed the men to perve, and I got to review her CD for a University magazine, but it wasn't a personal copy. I quite liked the album, but mainly because it was produced by Shep Pettibone made famous for me by doing some rather brilliant remixes of, yep, Pet Shop Boys songs!

After that it kind of felt like you'd missed the boat with Madonna - she just *is*, and thats that, so leave her be, enjoy the music, and be happy. So of course it takes true Pet Shop Boys involvement to really get me out there, spending my hard earned (ha ha ha!) cash on a Madonna record. Fortunately for me I also genuinely like the song anyway, but would I have bought it otherwise? I very much doubt it.

On a similar note, I feel the same way about U2. Only a handful of U2 CD singles grace the hallowed shelves of my CD racks - not one U2 album does though. And why? I haven't a clue! Every time I hear a U2 song on the radio I enjoy it, I don't switch over, or go "Oh God, that is so overplayed!" (with the possible exception of "E-le-vation!" which if I hear it one more time I shall kick in my car stereo.)

I think partly its fear - I like the singles that I hear on the radio, but I'm afraid I wont enjoy the rest of the album, so as a result I don't buy anything. Is it me being silly or snobbish about music? I don't know.

So how do I feel, now that I've popped my cherry to Madonna? I guess I'm kind of pleased with myself for having finally done it. I don't feel dirty and used but the earth didn't exactly move for me either.


Oh Gabby Gabby Gabby! Must I learn you the ways of really great music??? I'm so glad to hear that you now own a Madonna CD. Madonna has long since been a favorite of mine. No matter what she does with her style, the lyrics, I love her music and I guess if I'm being honest I have just always liked Madonna. No, I don't agree with everything she says or does, however, Madonna does take a stance on things and she cares not what people think of her. I like the fact that she is herself and that she takes the attitude that you like it or lump it - she doesn't really care. I wish that I could not care as much about what people think about me -- I think I'd be a whole lot happier if I didn't worry so much about what someone else thinks of me.

In regards to your question about being silly or snobbish about music, no, I don't think so. I often do not buy entire CDs for the same reason that you stated --- rather, I download and pay for only the songs that I know I like. I like being able to pick and choose and make my own CDs.

And dude -- I love U2 - and that's something that a few years ago I would have never thought I'd utter.

Now, I'll crawl down from here and get out of your comments so someone else can say a word or two! :)
SS - I'll show you my great music, if you'll show me yours! You know I don't even download music much - mainly because I'm a sucker for packaging and if I can't have that sexy jewel case with a nice photo and tracklisting, I don't want it. Having said that, downloading would be an easier way to test drive some songs to see if I like them enough to go out and buy it...I'm not endorsing illegal downloads - if I like something enough I will buy a proper copy. I like the try before you buy scenario...
I'm not a big fan of her music. It's not that I dislike it, there are plenty of catchy tunes. I still don't own any of her cd's though. I do however admire her ability to reinvent herself. She has hung on for years!
OGO - Indeed, she is the undisputed queen of reinventing oneself! I do have some issues with her though, mainly that I think she comes across to me as a user - I get the impression that she sucks the creative energy out of other people for her own records...I don't think she's ever used the same producer twice for any of her albums, but maybe someone can put me right on that?
Uhm .. saying you like Madonna was going to get you beat up, but saying you like Pet Shop Boys isn't? Weird Brits :P
Scott & Julia - Now you mention it, that does sound rather odd...I can't say I made a great song and dance about liking the PSB's at the time either. However, at the time of their initial popularity they weren't officially *out of the closet* so any inference that you liked a gay band was purely speculation.
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