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I truly believe it is a bad idea to bring work home with you. Work should remain in the workplace and home-time should be spent doing home type stuff. Once you start to bring work home it's a slippery slope and people just expect you to use you own personal spare time to do work related things with nothing in return.

Even if there was something in return I still would prefer not to do it - the rewards need to outweigh the time I could have spent with my wife, my daughter, or just generally making sure the house doesn't turn into pigsty from all the neglect it's getting because I'm too busy doing work for no pay.

Yes, this is going somewhere...

A while ago my father and an associate of his started a company which specialises in advising and training people about hazardous cargoes in the transport industry. I was asked to be Company Secretary and own a quarter of the shares. The title of Company Secretary sounds grand, but trust me, it's not that exciting unless you enjoy being used as a gopher to solve certificate printing, computer video editing, Powerpoint presentation problems. Oh yes, and I get to sign cheques! Whoopee!

As part of the presentations they give to various companies around the country, there are videos, which have to be seamlessly integrated into the Powerpoint presentations. These have come from various sources - video cassettes, DVD's, even Flash animations. However they all have to be converted (well, except the Flash animations) into tiny weeny files from their source and guess who gets to do that?!

Now normally, I'd like the challenge - I actually enjoy video editing, and figuring out how to convert stuff from one format to another, but the trouble is all the equipment I use is at home! So I have to bring tapes and DVD's back home and spend hours taping all the stuff through to the computer and converting the files. It's a painful process when the material I'm dealing with is of literally no interest to me...quite apart from the fact that it's using valuable time I want to spend doing other things. Now let me loose on my Easter Island tapes for the same purpose and I'd be deliriously happy!

So tonight I am looking at a DVD that needs converting - it requires a link through from the DVD player to the TV and out to my video camera where I then record it to DV. Then I upload it to the computer, regroup the segments (because iMovie will chop it up into bits) and reconvert it to DivX format. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to do it. Not tonight. I just did my workout and I'm tired and just want to salvage some fun out of my evening...maybe I'll look at it again tomorrow.

Speaking of my workout, I did a weigh in and I have lost a further 2lbs which gets me back down to 159lbs - the weight I was after I was so ill the other day. This is excellent news and proves that the lack of weight loss the last couple of weeks was just my body getting back to normal after being sick and losing an abnormal amount of weight in a short amount of time. I need to lose a few more pounds before I'm at a weight I'll be completely happy with, but overall I'm very pleased with the results.

Anyway, time to surf and see what else is going on in blogland! Goodnight!

That sounds like a total pain in the arse my friend. I can't say that I'd be willing to do it....hope you chilled out and enjoyed your evening NOT doing that! :)
SS - Yeah, I didn't do it. The doing it is easy - it's the setting up of all the hardware that's difficult...I wont get too technical, but if I could just convert the DVD on the computer as it is, it would be a hell of a lot less painful!
OGO - The trouble is I'm slightly better versed in video editing using a Mac - all the work computers are PC's, so its just easier for me to use what I know...plus I'd still have to do all the DVD to videocamera bit at home which to be honest is the crappy part of the job!
I'm with you on leaving work at work. I'm sure your wife appreciates it as well. Sucks that you have to do all that work on the home computer. Can you load the programs on your work computer?
And why did it just put my comment above yours?! That could confuse a stupid person!
Scott vowed he would never bring his work home and he just started working longer and longer hours all the time. Until I finally told him to take it home, I would rather see him working at home than not see him at all.
Scott & Julia - That's a fair point, but unfortunately this work can only really be done at home because of all the gear I use...I suppose I could drag the DVD player, our 36inch (75+ kilos) TV, the G4 Mac, monitor etc into work with me though...
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