Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I feel the need...the need for HNT!

This HNT post was suggested by Southern Sweetheart some while ago and I finally got around to doing it (yes I do take requests if they're viable).

Thanks as always to my wife Martha for her awesome Photoshop skills - I know some people asked last week what we use to create these - it's really very simple, just a downloaded image of said poster and merge the photo of myself in Photoshop. I say simple - I couldn't do it without Martha's help!

EDIT: I notice some people have already asked why Martha didn't fill the role of Kelly McGillis (SS, I DO remember you suggesting it!). Two reasons...Martha is very camera shy at the best of times and time constraints simply didn't allow for it. However, I hope she reads the comments and takes note for next time...

So this is me, in my Tom "I'm definitely not gay and I'll sue your sorry ass if you say otherwise" Cruise pose. That word was "sue" by the way, in case you misheard!

Sure Tom, our hearing's just fine!

Happy HNT everyone!

Ok, everytime you do one of these with a girl in the picture as well, I think to myself that you really need to get Martha in on it too! How cute would that be?!?!
That is awesome! Very cool.
Happy HNT!
Priya - I told him to get her to do the girl in this one! He doesn't always listen though! haha

Gabby - GREAT HNT if I do say so myself dude! :)
Cripes, you look an awful lot like Tom Cruise!

Happy HNT!
Very cool :) HHNT!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love that!
lol, i always get a kick out of these! you beat cruise by a mile, maybe a lightyear. he's just creepy. you are cool. happy HNT!
Gabster, I think you've become a legend among HNT'ers! Another one very well done!

HappY HNT!
One of my favorite movies! Nice!
Happy HNT!
forget tom cruise, i would totally hang ur poster up in my room! :p
Sweet photoshop work buddy..yea you make Tom Cruise look ugly!

Happy HNT!
I think yours is cuter.

HHNT Sugar!
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