Monday, February 06, 2006


Entertainment for Gabby

Martha has just changed our computers desktop wallpaper to one of the Serenity movie posters. I now have River (Summer Glau) staring at me in a rather exotic pose, which is slightly putting me off my ability to write a coherent blog!

It's kind of appropriate though as the friend I lent out the Firefly DVD's to before Christmas called to say he really enjoyed them and even bought the set for Christmas for a relative!

I also just preordered today the new CD single by Madonna "Sorry" - I'm not especially a Madonna fan, but given that the Pet Shop Boys have remixed this track, I'm sort of obligated to buy it. You'd be amazed at some of the utter garbage I've bought because the PSB's had something to do with it. There again, there's a lot of equally fantastic PSB tie-in's that more than makes up for them.

I listened to my mp3 CD today and it was great - brought back so many memories and reminded me that I have this little game...some of you may know it in the format "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". In it one was challenged to get from a starting point subject and within six moves get to the answer "Kevin Bacon" the actor.

I believe it is equally possible to do this with the Pet Shop Boys. I think they have that obscure yet prolific profile like Kevin Bacon that makes them easy fodder for this game. Wanna try?


Got a lot of people vying to play "Six Degrees of PSB", huh?

I don't think I'd be very good at that game either.

I'm getting another craving of Firefly though...
Priya - I think it's a niche market! And yes, I'm waiting still waiting for my DVD's...I'm gagging to watch Firefly again!
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