Monday, February 27, 2006


Catching up after the weekend

So the dreaded cold that Audrey and Martha had finally caught up with me this weekend. So much for vitamin pills and workouts! It's all for nought!

Still working on that industrial use for snot...right now it's the only vague idea I have for making my fortune.

In spite of that though this weekend has been pretty good.

On Friday night we watched "Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" on DVD. What an awesome film! I'm annoyed with myself that I ended up sleeping through much of it at the cinema. It's just brilliant!

Swimming went well on Saturday - Audrey learned a few new tricks in the pool and actually paddled ALONE using a float for the first time. She wasn't too crazy about it though, but hopefully we praised her enough that she'll think to do it again next time.

On Sunday we drove down to meet my parents at my grandmother's flat near Guildford. My grandmother passed away about a year and a half ago, and since then my Dad has been sorting out the probate (now done) and redecorating the flat to sell or to rent. I think the idea is to rent it actually. Anyway, it's the first time I'd been back to the flat since the funeral, so I expected to feel weird, but in fact I didn't. Mum and Dad had already done a lot of work to the flat, and added a few of their own touches to make it feel a little less like my grandmothers home, and more like a generic Kagan home.

The plan for the day was to tear up the old carpets in readiness for the carpet layer to come on Monday to install new ones throughout, so Dad and I set to moving furniture and ripping it all out. It was a nasty job - I think those carpets must be the same age as me, and the underlay had completely disintegrated into nothing but black dust. However, there is something rather therapeutic about ripping up carpets, so I quite enjoyed myself. I was also glad that, in spite of my cold, I felt physically fit to do the work. My workouts suddenly felt like they were paying off, and at the end of the day I didn't feel especially tired physically in spite of us having removed some pretty large carpets from a first floor building.

In between times we went out for a nice slap up binge at the nearby pub. We had some pretty good food and I had a well deserved pint of Scrumpy Jack cider to wash away some of that dust from my windpipe! I'm not a big cider drinker, but at the right time and place it's much more refreshing than beer and really hits the spot!

Audrey was awesome for the whole day. She complained very little during the whole two hour journey there and back and ate a good meal herself. I really do feel like she gets a sense of her surroundings and knows it's neither the time nor place to muck around. When we got home we were late and out of schedule for her, so we dumped her in the bath for a quick wash and scrub, before giving her some milk and straight to bed. She didn't make too much fuss, and just said "I'm a little bit tired!" - she's prone to understatement, just like her old man I think!

I wanted to see that movie when it came out but we missed it! We'll have to rent it soon.
Sounds like you guys had a good and busy weekend. And didn't you see that movie in the theater? Watching it again so soon means you must really like it.

Hope you feel better soon Gabby. I'm all the time telling you that you guys stay sick but hopefully you guys will get over all this mess soon.
OGO - Do it! Do it now!

SS - Yes we did see it in the theatre - thats when I fell asleep! I bought it on DVD as soon as it came out - I'm a big fan of Wallace &'s genius! I'm beginning to see your point about us always being sick...maybe I make too much of a big deal out of having a cold...I think it's just the time of year and having a toddler who is a walking toxic time bomb! If we ever get into germ warfare someplace, Audrey will be in the front line of attack!
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