Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Best laid plans...

Martha and I agreed yesterday that we would be lazy on Valentines Day for supper and get takeaway - in fact we'd try the new Chinese place that opened a few months ago a mile or so away.

Martha picked up the menu on her way home last night and we picked out what we wanted so I could order it when I got home tonight. Even better was that it said on the menu that they would deliver to us for free! We could be REALLY lazy!

So tonight I called up and asked to place an order for delivery.

"Sorry we haven't got a delivery driver tonight." came the harsh reply.

On Valentines Day night of all nights! If you can't provide the service, don't advertise that you can is what I say!

Anyway, I figured it wasn't going to ruin things since they were close by, so I placed my order and was told I could collect it in 20 minutes. I still had Audrey's food for the childminders tomorrow to get ready so I figured I'd call Martha and ask her to pick it up.

I called her number and no answer! I called again...and again...and again until my 20 minutes was nearly up! I'd finished Audrey's food, so I guessed I'd have to leave right away and get the food, when suddenly the phone rang. It was Martha, except all I could hear was Audrey wailing!

I told Martha my predicament, although it was obvious she had one of her own, but she agreed to get the food since geographically she was closer. I hung back and got everything as ready as I could.

When Martha got back, Audrey was still crying, and for no apparent reason, but we muddled through giving each other Valentines Day cards. Except Audrey wanted to open them for us of course! Also I have to admit to feeling rather sheepish, because Martha also bought me gifts which I didn't do! So I now have a lovely box of mint Bendicks chocolates and a bottle of Orkney Islands Highland Park whisky to keep me happy for the next little while!

Anyway, after cards and gifts we sat down to supper. Martha had ordered shredded chicken, which we had both anticipated to be battered and deep fried, but beyond that not a lot else...well it was, except it was also covered in a sauce...a sweet and sour sauce. Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that therefore "sweet and sour shredded chicken"? If Martha had known she wouldn't have ordered it!

Next was a container of plain chow mein for me. Now to me, plain chow mein would normally consist of fried noodles, some beansprouts and onions with some light soy sauce. So why the bloody hell were there king prawns in it?! I don't especially care for prawns, but we were hardly at a point to take it all back now, so we muddled along and I ate it - I did eat the prawns, but am worried I might regret it.

I did however have some lovely duck in plum sauce, which was amazingly what I ordered and Martha's chicken was pretty tasty even if it wasn't what Martha had expected to get.

Anyway, I'm pretty stuffed now, and have decided to cancel my workout with Harvey tonight. I did a very unscientific weigh in (ie fully clothed!) and it looks like I weigh roughly the same as last week - about 161lbs. Again I'm not really downhearted by this - my weight has obviously levelled out and as long as I continue to exercise this is a good weight for me to be at. Ideally I'd like to shed a few more pounds just to give myself some leeway for nights like tonight where I completely pig out.

Well ours may not have been perfect, but I hope all your Valentine's evenings went/go to plan.

Next big day - Jif Lemon Day! (aka Pancake Day - aka Shrove Tuesday)

People put to much stock in Valentines day. It sounds to me like you got the main idea of it right. You were together. Even if it was with mystery food and a crying child!
Will you two try again another night? Don't have to actually celebrate your love ON Valentine's Day. :-p

We're going out tomorrow night. Both of us are looking forward to it.

Go get Martha a gift! :-p

Why was poor Audrey crying?
OGO - Yeah I agree, I'm not a big fan of V day really...

Priya - You're absolutely right of course, and I have no idea why Audrey was crying...one of those weird ones!
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