Thursday, January 12, 2006


Weird Half-Nekkid Thursday

Today's movie based HNT is really apt I think. It really oozes essence of Gabby!

I don't think any self respecting 80's throwback (see yesterdays blog entry for proof of that) with a penchant for science fiction (more incriminating evidence here) could find fault with this film. I love it and urge everyone, even those who don't like sci-fi, to see it. It's a fabulously dark and thought provoking film.

Thanks to Martha again for taking the photo and using her Photoshop skills to put me into the poster.

I can't say I'm quite as mentally messed up as poor Donnie (although I do have a 6 foot rabbit as a mentor right now), but if you're a newbie and want to know more about HNT, "they made me do it!"

Happy HNT everyone!

Never heard of the movie, but I love your movie HNTs...they totally rock dude. This one is great!
You know, I haven't commented much on here lately, and I'm sorry 'bout that. But I do have to say that I also love your movie HNT's...they are awesome and super creative! Keep up the great work, Gabby!
Extremely awesome pictures! Happy HNT!
Wow! Brilliantly done! Cheers and Happy HNT!
You are so creative.
LMAO..oh im having a blonde moment.
i was staring at this pic for a few minutes & i had no clue what i was looking for...then as soon as i layed back i noticed ur face on the bottom of the 2nd pic!! ahhh i need sleep. but great pics, very creative as always! HHNT =)
lol, not bad, though would have been more similar had you shaved first ;) mmmm maybe some make up. Oh, and his eyebrows are plucked and then thickened, if you ask me... lol
clever idea! happy HNT!
this is a cool idea! great stuff:)
happy hnt!

Happy HNT! :)
What a great picture!!!

Happy HNT!
Happy HNT!
Very cool!
*LOL* I love these movie HNTs that you do. Great job!! Happy HNT!
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