Friday, January 20, 2006


The week that never was.

This week was *blah*.

We all got colds which still haven't gone, but for me anyway, it's not so bad that it's really put me out too much. I still exercised nightly except for tonight - Martha said she felt too unwell to do it, so I took advantage of the break. I think it's fair to say we worked out hard this week, so one day isn't going to threaten the regime.

Work was blah too. It sort of puttered along, and whilst there were a few excitements during the week, it wasn't exceptionally exciting, or even demanding. One little triumph was receiving a letter from HM Customs saying sorry (yes, an apology!!!) for the grief they caused me over this. The customer now has a refund for duty on its way to them, and I can finally put the files away and forget about them!

My biggest excitement of the week was receiving in the mail "The Coca-Cola Kid" on DVD! Some of you may recall from my old blog (still online the last I checked at that I used to rabidly collect Coca-Cola memorabilia. I don't any more, but I realised this movie was missing from my collection and I felt I needed to rectify that.The movie itself is middle of the road fare. I'm not a big fan of Eric Roberts, but he's OK in this, and Greta Scacchi is very sexy, plus it's about Coke, so it's all good really I suppose! The premise of there being a "dry" area in the middle of the Australian outback where nobody drinks Coca-Cola, but instead have their own brand of soft drink is very good. Roberts is sent in to find out why they don't succumb to the taste of Coca-Cola, and to try to bring the townsfolk around to the idea. Of course mayhem ensues and its all terribly hilarious!

So I'm looking forward to watching that sometime soon. Other than that, like I said, it was all rather *blah*...hope you have a great weekend everyone - I'm done!

Wow! I've never even heard of that movie!

hope you feel better soon
Shay - It's actually not a bad movie at all IMHO - and thanks, we are feeling much better...
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