Friday, January 06, 2006


Weak end...

The weekend is here...not quite sure what I'll be doing with it yet.

The only certainty so far is swimming. Audrey is now in the midday "Advanced" class. She's borderline - she's not quite as confident as some other kids, but she likes to join in and is always watching the others and picks up what to do from them, so I think it's the right thing to do. Keeping her in a lower level would hold her back. The time is somewhat troubling though. Audrey gets quite tired if she doesn't have a nap, and midday is a crucial time of the day for her. If we can get her to nap on the way to the pool then all will be fabulous. If not, it could be an utter disaster.

Also, midday kind of screws the rest of our day up. It leaves little time either in the morning or the afternoon to achieve anything else. We've decided to try to do the weekend grocery shop in the morning. That should be OK, but the afternoon could be the time we get home from swimming and have lunch theres very little time left to really do much else than chuck on some laundry and play with Audrey for a bit before it's time to don the oven gloves again and make supper. It'd be nice to maybe get out in the afternoons on a Saturday, but I can't really see that being possible.

So I guess it's down to Sundays with which to salvage our weekend and we have no plans there just yet either...oh dear!

Still we have DVD's to watch don't we? So once Audrey's tucked up for the night I suspect we'll settle down for some of that - oh but not before our workout with Harvey the six foot rabbit!

On which note I think I shall call it a night...bon weekend everyone!

Sounds like a weekend here, with various kid and time constraints. Good luck with Audrey and her nap on the way to the pool! I hope you get some enjoyment out of it somewhere!
Lady Amethyst - I missed your comment here - slipped under the radar I guess...well I think if you've read the later blogs you know everything there is to know about my weekend. Kids do kind of screw around with scheduling though don't they?!
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