Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Test Video Post!

If you can see and hear this OK please let me know...also let me know if you cannot!

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I can see it, Audrey is adorable, and that toy sounds like one that might get on one's nerves after a bit...
I'm sure it would have played and been cute if I had quick time to view it, but I don't have QT and just really don't care for that software so -- I'm sorry... :(
I see it - and hear it.

Is that a toy that you guys purchased yourselves? 'Cause that just *screams* "toy that will annoy the parents to death"!


I saw it. LOL Love that little wiggle!

Only thing is, though, now every time i go to your blog page, it automatically starts up! Freaked me out the first time it did that. LOL
Lady Amethyst - The toy was something we put on her Christmas wishlist. At that point we didn't really know if it would be annoying or not...

SS - What's wrong with Quicktime? Just download it and enjoy! There's more to come...

Deb - see my comment above to Lady Amethyst!

Priya - Hmm, don't know why it started up on its own like that...
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