Thursday, January 26, 2006


Sharin' the love!

Well, as many of you regular readers have ascertained the Kagan household has been crawling with disease for the past few days.

It started on Tuesday when Audrey came home and planted a nice pukey hug on her Daddy. On Tuesday night I slept with Audrey on the guest bed, and luckily for me she slept well, waking just once at 4am to ask for water and then milk, which she drank and kept down. It was at this time that I noticed my stomach wasn't feeling quite right either, and Martha, who was woken by my to-ing and fro-ing to the kitchen also said she was feeling unwell.

On Wednesday morning I got up as usual, showered, got ready for work and made breakfast. Maybe my tummy ache was hunger, I thought, but after toast and orange juice, it didn't go away. Martha, perhaps wisely, skipped breakfast, and we decided that maybe it would be a good idea if we both called in sick at work. We took Audrey to the childminders, and when we got home we both collapsed in bed.

I promised my parents I'd call them at 10ish to tell them how I was getting on. I still hadn't been sick, but my tummy was telling me it was imminent, so after a hasty conversation with my mother I retreated back to bed. Half an hour later I was heaving over the toilet bowl.

The rest of the day is a bit hazy. All I know is I was out of bed hourly to throw up - in fact it was so regular I would get up minutes before hand to give myself time to get to the bathroom. The rest of the time was spent in bed either asleep, or writhing in pain whilst whatever it was in my stomach did its worst.

Martha fared slightly better, managing to retain the contents of her stomach, and pulling off some surfing and phone calls to loved ones as well. I was certainly in no fit state to touch the computer or telephone until the evening, and even then I tried to make my time on the computer as short as possible.

By mid afternoon the puking had subsided, but I didn't know if I was bored, punched or countersunk. I drank a little water, followed by some Liptonice tea, which due to the sweetness gave me a little more energy than water ever could. Eating was very much out of the question.

Martha fetched Audrey - she had been struggling to keep her food down at the childminders as well - something which happened again today. She's certainly not herself right now, but she has eaten a little bit of food, so I think she's on the mend.

Last night I was up a few times - I had the shivers, but never bothered to check my temperature - but all in all it was a reasonable nights sleep. This morning I drank more iced tea and dared to eat a plain arrowroot biscuit before heading to work. However, I didn't touch a thing at work. I drank a mug of hot chocolate in the afternoon and all I've had since returning home is a slice of toast smothered in Nutella.

Of course, as a result we haven't done a workout with Harvey for 3 days, but wait for it...I've nearly lost more weight in the last 3 days than I have in 3 weeks of workouts! A quick "fully clothed" weigh in tonight put me at roughly 161lbs...

Obviously this isn't a weight loss programme I wish to continue, but it would be quite nice to be able to keep that weight loss. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I have a feeling I may have piled it all back on again in a few days.

Moving on...I've added a few new things to my blog for those vaguely interested. First of all is a new link to a site called Popjustice. Not surprisingly it's a site dedicated to pop music, but has a rather interesting tongue in cheek approach which I like. It's a place that kept cropping up for me during searches and on other websites, so I decided it was about time I added it as a regular link.

The second new item is the picture link to the Rogue Performance Festival 2006. Half-Nekkid Thursday is to be featured at the festival this year under the banner "Blogging as an Artform". Whilst I'm not the most daring HNT'er out there, I think this is very exciting and have signed up as a participant. I guess what that means is people who attend and perhaps might not normally look at blogs will be able to see my blog and my HNT posts along with other fellow HNT'ers. I have some housekeeping to do to get all my old HNT posts from my current and former blog in one place for that, and will hopefully have a dedicated blog with all my HNT pictures should anyone wish to see them that way...

Anyway, thats you lot for tonight! Over and out!

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