Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Random thoughts from a notebook.

Last weekend I finally bought myself some notebooks to carry around with me in case I had moments of thought that would be useful for my blog. Here is the first entry that is directly from notes made in the first of those books...

Yesterday Martha bought a new mobile phone. It's one of those whizzy ones that takes movies and videos and plays awesome looking games...in fact I wonder if it even works as a phone? And you know what, I just don't care...

I used to be more techy than this - back in the 80's I had a clunky Commodore 64 (and upgraded to a Commodore 128 eventually) and I was a dab hand at programming little things into them - music, animation, text based adventure games. Heck I even programmed an entire advertising sequence for my Dad's company to go on show at an exhibition - next door to our stand was another company who had hired someone to do their computerised exhibit/video thingy - whizzy sound and cool graphics and doubtless very expensive at the time. Guess which one got the most attention?! Yep, Gabby's crappy little home made advert running on a humble Commodore 64! Hear me ROAR!

Anyway, over the years I've become less and less bothered about computers and electronics in general. As long as I have my TV, DVD player and HiFi, I'm a happy chap - sure I need my computer too, but my actually requirements for it are quite limited. As long as I can blog, email and see and hear everything I want to see and hear on it, I couldn't care less how it all works.

Unfortunately me expertise back in the 80's has haunted me ever since, and I am still the official office computer "guru" in spite of the fact that I know precisely nothing about them. The same goes for mobile phones. I just think they are evil little buggers. I don't like phones at the best of times, but now that they are a fashion accessory and a form of entertainment, it leaves me completely cold.

When Martha announced her new purchase I tried to be excited for her - I really did - but I couldn't. A phone is a phone, is a phone. I make calls on it, I receive calls on it. That'll do just fine for me.

I can see I'm going to end up like an old fuddy duddy who doesn't know how to operate a VCR someday, but I can't ever see myself being convinced. I'm already in the minority of people who can't even send a text message, but do I care? Not a bit!

My cold has finally "come out" - at work its not the greatest because I sit underneath an air vent and if the wind is in just the right direction, as it was today, I get a draft right on my neck. That can't be good for it can it? Anyway, now it's finally here it means kleenex on tap and snuggling up with a hot whisky before bedtime. I even woofed a few chocolate biscuits as well - don't tell Harvey!

Speaking of which, today's workout was rather gruelling. I still managed to make it through, but the sweat was pouring off me, and I didn't feel at all well. I just hope it's not harming me doing this whilst I have a cold. I had my weigh in, and can announce to you all that I have lost a further 2lb's this week, bringing my weight to 166lbs so I guess it's working gradually. Hopefully my cold will not get any worse. If it does I may have to review my workout regime until it's gone, which would be a shame because I feel like we're really getting into it now.

Anyway, thats my little lot for tonight...I should get to bed and try to rest up!

I can't believe you actually bought a little notebook for jotting down ideas for your blog! Oh wait -- it's Gabby - yes I can! :) Only kidding! Whatever works for ya my friend! Maybe I should do it too - then I might have something to blog about on a daily basis.
The notebooks are a great idea, Gabby! I use notes for phonecalls I need to make, I'm inevitably forgetting to tell the person on the other end something, and I have to ring them back. So I hope they work well for you! Commodore 64...oh, the memories!
SS - I wouldn't normally do that...it just got too frustrating thinking of blog ideas midway through my day when it was not at all convenient, then forgetting them when I finally got around to writing. At least with a notebook if they ideas pop into my head, I can scribble it down for future use or not as the case may be. I'm hoping the end result is that you'll actually see more of what goes on in my head!

Lady A - Sorry, I'm lazy and can't be bothered to type Amethyst (and yes I'm aware of the irony there!). You had a C64 too?! A while back I had a C64 emulator on my PC at work and was able to play all the old games on it...it was fantastic! Then we got new computers and I haven't bothered to trawl the internet for a new emulator...anyway, I have my blog to use up all my time now, so don't really need that.
Ah yes, I used to be waaaaaay more techy than I am now. Now, like you, I don't care. As long as I've got the 'pooter, the DVD player, the stereo (I still call them stereos!) and the Sky+ box everything else can go hang. I don't care how they work and I have little interest in finding out.

Sure, I can fix most things when they go wrong - like when we had a catastrophic failure of the Sky+ box the other night and lost *everything* we'd recorded and everything in the planner to be recorded.

I only bought a cellphone because, when you're contracting, no-one (and I really do mean no-one) will call you if you don't have one. I hate it, I hate being contactable when someone else demands I should be.

The advantage of being at manager level within the IT industry is that you don't need to be a real gearhead - you've got people to do that for you. Thank goodness I say, I don't *want* to be a gearhead any more!

Oh, and I don't update my blog often enough to need a notepad for ideas - good for you though! ;-)

G - Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one! I just can't get excited about mobile phones. One thing I do enjoy is hooking stuff up - like stereos into TV's, etc...trying to figure out how to get something to work through something else. I have a box full of connectors and sockets and cables. The only frustrating part about that is when you don't have the right bit of cable!
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