Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Naked Half-Nekkid Thursday

It was only a matter of time before I posted a movie themed HNT from a film by one of my favourite directors, and here it is.

David Cronenberg has skirted the edges of Hollywood success but never really succumbed to it. Maybe it's because his films are just too damn weird! Whatever the reasons I'm glad. He's remained true to his Canadian roots and pushed the boundaries of movie making both as an auteur and a director.

The drug induced paranoia of this supposedly "unfilmable" novel is expertly portrayed, and both amuses and sickens you in equal doses. No wonder I never did drugs - you wont need them after watching this trip!

Thanks as always to Martha for taking the photo and Photoshopping me into the image. It wasn't easy I know. Special thanks also to my daughter Audrey for the use of her Winnie the Pooh keyboard which I think you'll agree adds another trippy dimension to what I think is a fabulous movie poster.

Happy HNT everyone!

You've got one of the best gigs in all of HNT with this whole movie poster bit! Love it! HHNT Gabby!...And nice work Martha! :)
I just LOVE this!

Happy HNT to you.
That is so great - the kiddie keyboard is so cute! HHNT
Very creative.. and look at them finger go on that keyboard.. so kewl.

Ooh, that's a great one! Good job Martha!

Creative guy..:)

Happy HNT!
Awesome! HHNT!
Dont know why but that tmakes me think of Capt Beefhearts Trout Mask Replica! Happy HNT
I've not heard of this movie...however, you nailed the poster perfectly! I love the kiddy piano instead of the typewriter! Keep it up Gabby...these are becoming my favorite HNT posts of all of them!
That is indeed a great, trippy movie. Uncomfortable to watch at times, but I like that in a film. Fab post.
as a HUUUGE Naked Lunch and an equally HUUUGE Cronenberg fan, i love this pic!
Very nice pics! Happy HNT!
great movie!
Happy HNT

Happy HNT!
trippy indeed! vwey fun shot and great choice of movies. happy HNT!
Loved the book - haven't seen the movie - should I know! Happy HNT! :)
Too funny! Thanks for popping over to my site today. Appreciate it!
Very cool hnt. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.
Okay, the poster idea is great but it is the winnie the pooh keyboard that brings it all together and makes it rawk! ;)

Well done! Happy HNT and thanks for stopping by.
How creative! Happy HNT!
How absolutely WONDERFUL. And yes, David Cronenberg is a GENIUS.
Very creative!

Happy HNT!
Okay, that is really creative, really cool. Love it!

Though, I'm suprised you didn't change the poster title from "Naked Lunch" to something like "Naked Bedtime Snack" to fit with the Winnie keyboard.

Happy HNT!
That is amazingly clever! And I love movies that are weird and trippy. Happy HNT!
Creativity never fail :)
That is soooo cool!
You're right... the child's toy was what this poster needed all along!

nice....winnie the pooh meets NAked Lunch

happy HNT
very cool - very creative...HHNT!
Burroughs would approve, no doubt, in his own way. HHNT!
Never seen the movie but after seeing this, I want to. Way to cool how you made your own version! Hope you had a great HNT!
How cool and creative! Happy HNT!
Love everything about it.

Happy belated HNT.
LOL, Gabby, you crack me up! I love your HNT photos.
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