Saturday, January 07, 2006


Lobster Thermagab

As expected today was a day of very little acheivement. The morning grocery shopping was postponed due to us being unable to get moving quickly enough, and swimming at noon wasn't great due to Audrey being tired...she failed to nap in the morning.

She did however have a nap when we drove to get groceries, so ended up missing the whole thing. Martha ended up doing the actual shopping while I sat in the car with Audrey sleeping. I haven't done some proper people watching in a while, and it passed the time wonderfully. I must have spotted at least half a dozen people parking in the disabled spots who looked remarkably fit and agile.

Also parked next to us in the parent and toddler parking was a tiny blue two door car out of which popped a rather large woman, with a pasty white face, round like the full moon. Behind her came three children, two boys who must have been maybe seven or eight and possibly twins because they looked very similar, but also bore a remarkable resemblance to the woman too - large, with big pale moon faces and dark bowl-cut hair. The third child was a girl who must have been about ten. She was fairly obviously the daughter of the aforementioned woman, but all I can say to describe her is "Vicky Pollard from Little Britain"...for those of you who don't know who I mean, here's a pic of this character from the UK's current most popular comedy show.

Anyway, from the drivers side out popped a fifth person who was somewhat older. Judging from her build and face it seemed obvious to me that this was Grandma. I then noticed Grandma was smoking a cigarette which was almost down to the filter. She took a final drag and flicked it to the ground without a second thought and off they trotted to the store, which is when I noticed that Mum also had a cigarette again almost smoked down to the end. My immediate thought was of how these five people had been cooped up in this tiny car, two of whom had been filling it with cigarette smoke, and the remaining three, who all looked like death warmed up had been given no choice but to inhale it for goodness knows how long. My second thought was what gave them the right to park in the parent and toddler parking. The two youngest kids were perfectly capable of walking, and to be honest looked like they could use a few decent strolls to put some colour in their cheeks and to shed a few pounds. Then it got me wondering at what point a child is no longer classified a toddler? Does anyone know? Answers on a postcard please...

I saw very little else that made me feel any better about the people of my country...everyone looked thoroughly miserable going about their grocery shopping. I was actually glad to be warm and cosy inside the car.

We returned home, by which time, as I anticipated it was virtually time to start making supper. We had that, gave Audrey a bath and did the bedtime routine. Martha and I did our workout which went well, and we agreed not to watch a movie because she wanted to play on her Gameboy and I had some bills and bank statements to sort out. I had also got this idea in my head to have a lovely bath tonight...

I don't have baths often - I shower daily of course, but when I do have a bath I have to be in the right mood, and even if I am, I never sit in it for long...I actually find it quite boring, and I never read in it because I'm paranoid about getting books wet. Until tonight!

I decided I would have a hot bubble bath and that I would sit, soak AND read and damn it, I'd enjoy it! Well, three out of four ain't bad! The bath was hot - perhaps a bit too hot, but more on that in a moment. I soaked in it, and I read my "eXistenz" graphic novel for a while...until the sweat from my brow trickled into my eyes and stopped all that. Then I started to feel rather weak and sick. I thought it would go away so I moved around a bit to swill the bubbles around, but I still felt worse than I did before I got in.

So I got out...I actually ended up with a raging headache, and thanks to my overzealous nature with the hot tap my skin now itches to high heaven from what I guess can only be minor burns! On the plus side I smell like a lovely pine forest!

Anyway, I've cooled down a bit now, the headache has subsided somewhat, the itching hasn't yet though, so that'll make trying to get to sleep fun!

I'll quit complaining now shall I?! Goodnight!

OUCH! Perhaps a little re-education on bubble baths is in order?? Ask Audrey, I'm sure she can tell you all you need to know about the perfect bath! I sincerely hope you're better, and that Sunday goes smoother for you all!
I LOVE to people watch! Sounds like you saw some doooooseys! hahaa

Sorry about the bath and headache and itching....Hope you feel better soon. And don't scald yourself next time!
Lady Amethyst - Yes, can you tell I don't take baths very often? And yes I am better this morning thanks!

SS - My people watching yesterday was quite just reminded me how awful some people are. And I doubt there will be a "next time" for a long time (until the mental scars heal!)
My goodness! Next time, try this: water that doesn't burn, no books, but a glass of port and maybe a candle or two. Always does the trick for me! ;-)

And yeah, I can see how people watching can be a bit depressing. Although I would say it is much more entertaining when it isn't the middle of winter! :-D
I'm just trying to figure out why you would smell like *pine*?
I have some lovely bubble bath (that also doubles as a shower wash) that smells like hot chocolate!


But pine?

And I agree with the above commenters - not so zarking hot!

Priya - I know, I know, the water was too hot for my tender English skin! And I agree no books again - didn't work for the idea of a drop of booze in the tub does sound enticing...I'll bear it in mind for next time...

Deb - I think the bubble bath was pine - I went to check but it doesn't say...oh well, I smelled nice so just insert your own personal favourite flavour there.

And CHOCOLATE? Now I'm not sure about that either...and yes, as I said to Priya I might make more use of the cold tap next time...
Oh my god... you make me laugh! Feeling weak and sick from a bubble bath????????????? A raging headache AND a burn........oh dear Gavin... dear, dear Gavin.........
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