Sunday, January 15, 2006


Jumping off the wagon...

Ugh, just when things were going so well...

Firstly, scroll down to my earlier post and tell me why oh why Blogger is annoying me so much!

Secondly, we knew yesterday that Audrey wasn't on top form. Swimming went badly and she looked unwell, then in the afternoon she had a temperature and we gave her some Nurofen which got her through the night without incident.

So this morning is where it all REALLY went wrong. I woke up with a sore throat. Oh no, the dreaded cold is comng. It's only a matter of time before I'm coughing my guts out and my nose is streaming river of snot! The sore ness has lingered all day, and I've decided to start taking 1-a-day multi vitamins to try to stop or stem it.

Then this morning Audrey had a bad breakfast. Thats not entirely unusual in itself, until she got upset about something, cried until she coughed, then coughed until she puked! It was mostly phlegm, so I can only guess that her being upset and throwing up probably did her a favour. We gave her a bath, and decided to get on with our day.

Things perked up after that - we went shopping and spent more than we can afford on groceries. The only plus side to it is it is mostly wholesale bulk items which will last us for months. If anyone is short of toilet roll in the next little while, let me know!

After that we came home for problem there, and then Martha decided to wash her car whilst I did some painting with Audrey. We now have five wonderful works of art to add to the collection, but Audrey seems to have got into her Goth phase early, and the only colour she wanted to use was black!

It was then, at about 3.30pm that I realised I was gasping for a cup of tea...the evil drink that I can't seem to kick. I decided "Screw it!" and made me and Martha a steaming cup of "Rosy" and managed to tuck into a few chocolate biscuits at the same time! So much for Harvey and the workout!

Supper and Audrey's 2nd bath of the day went without incident, and we put her down at the usual time. We started our workout, but became wary when Audrey started to cough. About two thirds of the way through our workout we heard her retching from next door, and quit our exercises to see what was happening.

Sure enough she'd thrown up! Martha took her out to the bathroom where the retching continued, while I sorted out the new loads of laundry that had suddenly appeared. Again, it seemed to be a lot of phlegm, so we can only assume she has a cold although our concerns did also turn to her allergies again, because we had given her whole milk at one point during the day.

We chucked Audrey into the bath and showered her down, and eventually she calmed down. We made sure she got lots of snuggles from Mummy and Daddt before going through the bedtime routine all over again. As far as I am aware she is now asleep.

Martha and I got back to out workout. It was nice to have a break, but I'm not sure if ultimately that was a good thing. I felt like I'd totally lost the rhythm. Afterwards, I decided "Screw it!" again and poured myself a giant glass of whisky and devoured a couple more chocolate biscuits! Sorry Harvey, but you try getting fit while your kids puking their guts out next door?! I think you'd do the same!

Anyway, hopefully it's just a blip. I hope I don't get sick, or if I do, I hope it's not so bad that it stops me from working out - I'm just starting to enjoy it!

Aw, I hope Audrey feels better tomorrow :)
Sinistrala - Thanks, she is feeling better but still has a cough!
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