Monday, January 02, 2006


"I can't remember what 'D' is for!"

So the dust has finally settled on Christmas and New Year.

New Years Eve was spent as mentioned at my parents. I spent the morning with them in Stratford picking out a new TV set. It turned out that their budget was way higher than I had anticipated, so having arrived a half hour earlier to do a "reccy" was wasted by me looking at TV's they didn't even take into consideration!

I also spent some time before they arrived in a nearby HMV browsing CD's and DVD's and finding my wallet starting to itch inside my jacket pocket. I've obviously spent far too long buying my music and movies off the internet, and had forgotten what a joy it is to physically look through racks of CD's and finding stuff you'd never dream of looking up on the web. I did resist the urge to buy up the store however, but I've still got that urge to spend an entire morning in a large record store and spend more money than I should on CD's and DVD's I don't really need.

Back at the TV/HiFi shop my parents surprisingly quickly settled for a Sony 32inch LCD TV with integrated digital tuner, and I bid them goodbye so I could get home in time for lunch and to pack for going to their house later.

In the evening I spent much of my time setting up their new TV - tuning in the digital channels, figuring out how stuff worked, and trying to get their existing DVD and VCR to connect correctly. Mostly this was easy for me, barring a few things which kept me busy trying to figure them out right up until midnight struck for 2006! I don't think anyone was too impressed - I wasn't very sociable, but I did take 20 minutes out to enjoy a glass of champagne and watch the New Years fireworks in London on TV.

Fireworks usually leave me pretty numb...even at the best of times at the end of the day it's all a rather pointless light show which costs way too much. It reminds me of the quote from Blackadder's Christmas Carol which actually refers to Christmas crackers but could just as easily be applied to fireworks in my opinion - "Christmas crackers are like sex - one disappoiting bang and the novelty soon wears off!"

However, I have to admit London's £1million fireworks display was actually extremely impressive. Whether it was worth sqandering a million pounds on I'm not sure, but it seemed obvious that we had something to prove after winning the Olympic bid in the Autumn, and this seemed as good a way as any of doing that. Here are a couple of pics I nicked off of a Google search of the London Eye at midnight on New Years Eve/Day...

On New Years Day we had a nice time with my parents before heading home in time for the missed Doctor Who. I have to say it was very good, and David Tennant as the new Doctor hasn't disappointed me. Slightly more tantalising was the sneak peek of the new series afterwards...the return of the Cybermen and K9!!! Oh my God!!! I know some Who purists really hated K9, but I have to say "I'm as excited as a Frenchman who just invented a pair of self removing trousers!" and if the effects budget used for the Christmas Special sets the benchmark for the new series it's going to be amazing!

So last night I finally finished reading "Let's Make Love...the Bruce Campbell Way" - it's taken me a long time to read, not because it's a long book or even a difficult read - it's just I kept putting it down and never felt compelled to pick it back up again. Sorry Bruce, I love your work, but this isn't a great book...sure it has its funny moments, but for the most part it's pretty dull! What made me read it to the end eventually was the graphic novel of the movie "eXistenz" sitting on my bedside table since returning home from Christmas just begging to be read! Finally I can!

Today's been pretty blah as days off go...Martha decided to try our new powerwasher on the cars so I looked after Audrey. I didn't get out of my pajamas until after lunchtime, and have quite literally achieved nothing but I did get some spend a lot of time with Audrey. Martha has removed all the bling from the Christmas tree, so I guess I shall have to take it outside and cut it up into tiny pieces soon. It was a great tree and when Audrey saw it all naked again she said entirely unprompted that "Mummy, Daddy and Audrey cried for the tree." Awww! I told her not to be sad because we would have a lovely new one for next Christmas! Hurrah!

Audrey's been really enjoying her new "Here Come the ABC's" DVD by They Might Be Giants and I have to say Mummy and Daddy love it too. She's taken a real shine to several songs and asks for them mostly by name. It's kind of a weird Sesame Street/Muppets musical hybrid but more interesting than that, and some of the animated sequences are fabulous. My only quibble is it will undo all our hard work in teaching Audrey that the letter "Z" is pronounced "ZED" and not "ZEE" - all you crazy Americans out there have a lot to answer for, although doubtless if I researched why Americans say "ZEE" I'd probably find it stems from an original "Olde Englishe" pronunciation anyway. Anyway, it'd probably amuse you all to know that every time "ZEE" comes up Martha and I usually shout "ZED" over top of the soundtrack so that Audrey doesn't hear it!

EDIT: Here's a link about ZED versus ZEE!

So it's properly back to work more holidays until Easter!!!! Aargh! January is always a tough month to get through - it just never seems to end. Here I am wishing my life away! So, where was I?

Oh yeah, "D" is for drums!!!!

Um..for the record, I've NEVER EVER heard "Z" pronounced "ZED" rather than "ZEE".... I need an audio post example. To contemplate saying "ZED" is mindboggling to me! So.... ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE ZEE!! ahahaahahahah
I warned you that DVD would be addicting! I'm glad you had some ggo dtime with Audrey!
I love They Might be Giants! I saw they made a kids CD a few months ago. I bet it's great!
SS - As Bruce Willis said in Pulp Fiction..."Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead!"

Lady Amethyst - It is addictive...I find myself humming the tunes all the time...

OGO - Hey, you're back! You should get that DVD - your boy will love it, and if he doesn't I think you will if you're a TMBG fan.
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