Sunday, January 08, 2006


How to be a domestic God!

My mind obviously wasn't on the proverbial ball last night. After the disastrous bath I decided to put on a wash. In the usual "guy" way this wasn't a normal wash and consisted of the following items:-

A pair of my underwear
A pair of my socks
A few of Audrey's clothes
My workout clothes (shorts and t-shirt)
My best fleece jacket which I'd been wearing after workouts to keep warm
My slippers

OK, spot the odd one out?

Why oh why did I put my slippers into the wash? Well, they stunk of course, why else?

So after I wrote last nights blog I headed for bed via the laundry room to put all the aforementioned items into the tumble dryer. What I found were some clothes seemingly covered with dried glue and weird brown fuzz. Missing from the load though were my slippers, and what remained were the rubberised soles and some pieces of material that vaguely resembled the uppers.

I salvaged what I could, and everything pretty much survived except for my fleece which took the brunt of the crap that came from my disintegrated slippers. It was absolutely covered in weird brown fuzz which was impossible to pick off, and there were some weird gluey bits which were virtually melded into the fabric. Not surprisingly it ended up in the bin. Anyone want to buy me a new fleece?! Oh, and a new pair of slippers!

Anyway Sunday has come and gone...we stayed home and got caught up on house chores mainly because, horror of horrors, we're going to the cinema tomorrow night, and need the house tidy for the babysitter. The plan is to see King Kong, so expect me to be full of the joys of cinema-going on Tuesday!

I also finally got shot of the Christmas tree. It was already denuded of decorations, but I needed to take it out and chop it into small pieces. Except I didn't. I cut off the branches and a bare trunk is now sitting in our garden.

In other news, Audrey has her two year check up on Tuesday morning which could prove interesting in relation to her allergy situation. In the last few weeks we've been trying her on two tablespoons of whole milk in her cereal in the mornings. She's also been eating toast and jam, with BUTTER on it, all to no discernable ill effect. Today I decided it was also time to try her on egg yolk.

Frequent readers may recall us trying her on meringue a few months ago and she broke out in a rash about 30 seconds after inhaling one. Try telling a toddler she can't have any more of something she really likes - it's heart breaking! Anyway, this time I decided we needed to see if the yolk was also a problem, so I hard boiled an egg and separated the yolk from the white.

Audrey willingly ate a quarter of the cooked yolk, but refused to eat any more. Of course this could simply be that she didn't like it, so I'm not going to get paranoid, and to our surprise she didn't show any outward problems after eating it. We even smeared a little yolk on her cheek to see if it would react and nothing happened.

Hopefully this is all good news, but we're going at it cautiously as we don't want a repeat performance of her first time drinking milk based formula and scrambled egg, both occasions which resulted in her throwing up quite dramatically.

Our next plan of attack is to increase the amount of milk in her cereal and I have a notion to try her on meringues again and also maybe cook up some scrambled egg to see how that goes. Like I said before it's perfectly possible that she could have grown out of these allergies overnight, and I've got my fingers crossed that she has because you have no idea how much that is going to revolutionise mealtimes!

Anyway, like I said it will be interesting to see what they say at her 2 year check up. She's been on soya based formula since she was 7 months old, and quite apart from the expense, it would be great to move onto something different.

We even smeared a little yolk on her cheek...

LOL The things us parents do, huh? Hope her allergies are all gone.

And man, I was shaking my head at your laundry episode. Although I have to say that I am as bad as any guy when it comes to laundry. There are a few of our shirts that have streaks in various colors all over them. *sigh* I hate doing laundry.
LOL, sorry to hear about your laundry mishap. Sure did make for an interesting story though! hehe. And I hope all goes well with your daughter at her checkup!
hehehe - Remind me never to ask you for tips on how do to laundry. hahah...sorry, i just the whole story funny....
Priya - I know, the egg smearing sounded bad didn't it? It was really just a tiny bit of hard boiled egg...can you believe I am the one who does the majority of the laundry in this household?! They shouldn't let me near that infernal machine!

Tish - We're off to Audrey's check up in about half an guess is they'll tell us to increase her milk and egg content in her diet and see how it goes which is what we would do anyway! Doctors are great aren't they!?

SS - Thats OK, I'd much rather someone did my laundry for me anyway. Are you volunteering?!
umm...not just "no" but "hell no"..... :)
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