Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hold on to your bits Bobs!

I have a few interesting bits and bobs tonight...

Audrey has lately got really into Toy Story and Toy Story 2. She doesn't really know the films by name, and calls them "the DVD game" for some reason. Anyway, she's still kind of familiarising herself with the characters, but Martha taught her that Buzz Lightyear was the "Space Ranger".

So this evening she's playing with her Duplo building blocks and I ask her what it is she's making.

"I build Space Ranger!" she replies with confidence.

"Uhh, OK!" I reply, so I watch to see what she builds.

Here's a photo of the final piece along with a picture of the real Buzz Lightyear...bearing in mind she had no help at all from me, what do you reckon?

Tomorrow we're going out on a date - it's a special occasion, more on which to follow, but we are getting the childminder to babysit, and going out for some food and a movie - "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" to be precise. Martha has been gagging to see it for some time now, and although it's not high on my list of movies to see, I am intruiged. She kind of humoured me a bit when we saw "King Kong" which was a total *must see* for me but she was less than enthralled about being dragged along to see it, so I owe her. In the end she did like it though, so lets hope I enjoy her movie as much as she enjoyed mine!

Finally, it's weigh-in day again. We did our workout tonight and I really made an effort with it. I felt like I kicked Harvey's ass this time rather than the other way around! My weight last week I recorded at 164lbs. Now, bear in mind I have had a little bit of a helping hand with weight loss this week through illness.

This week folks, I weigh 159lbs! A loss of 5lbs in a week and a total loss in 4 weeks of 11lbs.

I still think the trick is going to be maintaining that weight now that I'm back to reasonable health. I anticipate a possible increase in weight this week, or maybe no further loss at all at the next weigh-in. We shall see.

So thats my little lot for today! Goodnight!

Grats on the loss! Have fun with the date night. I miss those.
Wow. Audrey did a pretty good job. She must have her mother's creativity gene. :)

Congrats on the weight loss too! I'm jealous!
CCB - Thanks, and I will! Hope you guys can get out and do something soon! Must be hard with all the moving about...

SS - I wonder what genes she picked up from Daddy?! And thanks - the weight loss thing really isn't that hard - but I am aware that it is easier to do it with Martha than it would be to do alone. We spur each other on.
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