Saturday, January 28, 2006


Help (no longer) Wanted!

I was having a pretty good day today. Audrey's passport photos arrived, and I posted her application without any further hitch. Swimming went well, and we spared ourselves an onerous grocery trip by figuring out we really didn't need much at all, so instead took a short walk to the nearby mini-supermarket to get all the little bits and bobs we needed.

When we got home I decided to spend a few moments to collect together my thoughts and old Half-Nekkid Thursday posts from my evil former blog, in order to port them over to this one ready for the Rogue festival.

That's when it all went wrong.

When I originally heard that my former blog was to have the plug pulled on it, I decided to try to upload it in its entirety for posterity. At the time it all seemed to work perfectly, and I was a very happy bunny. So I went back to it with confidence today to dig up all the old HNT posts.

The first thing it did was ask me if I wanted to connect to the internet! Hmm, not a good should work without it. So I clicked "Yes" anyway, and then got an evil message saying that Myblogsite is now (finally) closed for business! I should be careful what I wish for, because for the longest time I was annoyed that they didn't close off that blog when they said they were going to. Now they have, I'm wishing they had held off for a bit longer.

It appears that my entire former blog is not only shut down online, but the backup I made of it is still somehow reliant upon it. In other words, it's gone!


As it stands I can currently see the blog as it was with the subject headings and the mini "write-ups" it used to have. However, when you click on "more" it then asks to connect up to the web and that's where it all goes wrong. It's like I have an archive list of every entry, but the actual content of those entries is completely gone.

Anyway, I am appealing to anyone out there, who thinks my 22MB file, that I so carefully downloaded of my old blog, is somehow retrievable, to help me out. I'd be happy to chuck it on a CD and send it to you to dissect if anyone thinks that there's a way to get any or all of the content back from it.

Otherwise it's 7 months of personal blog and nearly 4 months of HNT posts down the toilet.

EDIT: Panic somewhat over! I actually discovered I've lost only the archives of my blog up to the end of August 2005. My first HNT post was made on the last Thursday in August, so it's only the first one I ever did that can't be moved across! Hurray!

On the down side, I started my blog in May 2005, so I've still lost a hefty chunk of stuff, but I have a feeling it's my own fault that it's not there, so I don't think anyone will be able to help find it. I guess if I understood how websites worked better, I might have done a more thorough job at the time...

EDIT No.2: I've now managed to port over my old HNT posts to Blogger...for those interested in looking just click on the monthly archives starting in August and work through until October where the two blogs interweave. Unfortunately none of these HNT posts contain any original comments from readers simply because the task would have been way too labourious for me, so if you're feeling extra kind, it'd be great if you could post a few comments on them!!! Thanks!

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