Sunday, January 22, 2006


Having a "Daddy" day!

This weekend has been pretty good, in spite of lingering colds which finally seem to be getting the message that we're still going to do our workouts with or without them! Our missed session on Friday night didn't stop us last night or tonight, and yesterday I had a quick unofficial weigh-in and hopefully will have some good news on official weigh-in day this coming Tuesday!

Audrey, after a bumpy start at the beginning of the week, has been on top form this weekend, and I've been able to spend a lot of time with her.

I guess it's a fairly common thing for children to some days prefer Mummy and other days prefer Daddy. I'm used to the idea that sometimes she just doesn't want cuddles from her old man, and try not take it too personally, but its always a joy when she actually prefers to do stuff with me instead of Martha!

Well this weekend was pretty much a "Daddy" weekend! Yesterday after a pretty good swimming session Audrey went for a nap. Martha, still struggling from her cold did so as well, leaving me with Audrey on the couch and me with nothing to do but surf and chat online. When Audrey woke up though I gave her a late lunch which she inhaled and we had a little time for some fun before waking up Mummy for supper.

Today was the real "Daddy" day though. Martha decided she needed to tidy the house a bit, which culminated in re-archiving stuff on the computer as well, so Audrey didn't have much choice but to play with me. Good job she wanted to!

We began after breakfast with some chasing around the house and some fairly boistrous "Ring-a-roses". It always amazes me that even when I play quite rough with her, she asks for more. She's always been a thrill seeker though, enjoying being spun around, and thrown up in the air, etc.

After that we did some hiding under a blanket, and when Martha took a break we used the blanket to bounce Audrey in, and swung it like a hammock which she really loved. Lunchtime was a joy - I made her a chicken sandwich with honey mustard and some chopped tomato. She inhaled it again and ate half a chocolate dessert as well (Daddy polished off the rest!).

After lunch I had promised Audrey we would do some painting, so after getting some inspiration from a kids art TV show called Smarteenies, she donned her Pooh apron, and Daddy got the paints and paper out. What you see to your left is the outcome of that painting session. Yes, there was probably more paint on Audrey than there was on the paper, but that was OK.

It was a lot of fun, apart from when Daddy foolishly spilled the glass of dirty water all over the carpet. It's at times like that I'm glad the living room carpet has a hideous pattern because there is no discernable stain!

So, we packed away the paints (there was no fussing which got Audrey extra bonus points for being good!) and chucked her into the shower to get the paint off her hands, arms and face.

Up to this point, Martha had had little or no involvement in our day, and although Audrey was still full of beans, Daddy was fading fast. I decided to take a nap and let Audrey have some Mummy time. I crashed for two hours, and even then Martha had to wake me up otherwise I probably would have kept sleeping.

We made supper and once again Audrey behaved wonderfully, eating all her food up and getting a special biscuit treat at the end. Martha called home, so for the next hour and a half I was back on duty. Audrey actually played on her own for a while, and we watched some bedtime kids TV together, before it was bathtime. After that it was the usual routine but again without incident. She had a fun bath, playing with her toys, and once she was in her pajamas, I made up some milk and we snuggled up on the couch to watch "Here Come the ABC's" on DVD. I can't believe I was worried about her liking that DVD when we bought's become her total favourite now and she sings along to the whole thing.

Martha finished up her call, and Audrey finally decided she's had enough of me and switched her allegiances to her. However, the routine is Daddy always gets her to brush her teeth and puts her to bed, so we still had that to do too. Since she didn't have a nap all day, she zonked out right away and we were able to crack on with our workout.

At Audrey's 2 year check up were were given a bunch of leaflets which sadly state the bleedin' obvious, even if you're a half decent parent. One thing was to spend 15 minutes with your child daily, totally devoted to play. Even with my busy schedule and utter devotion to my blog I can muster that without even giving it a second thought! Today I spent virtually the entire day playing with my daughter and it was wonderful.

What worries me is that such a leaflet should even exist! I pity the poor kids who have parents who can't even be bothered to spare 15 minutes a day with them.

I'm back! I've missed you! Our internet and phone was just hooked up and I'm checkin in on you! I'm glad you and Audrey had such a great day.

15 minutes is such a puny number isn't it? It's just a drop in the bucket I think.
OGO!!!!! - It's nice to be missed! Thank you! Yes, 15 minutes is rubbish...mind you you'll have to check out my next post to find out why she didn't get her 15 minutes from me tonight! Welcome back to blogland!
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