Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Half-Nekkid Getaway!

It's the first Half-Nekkid Thursday of 2006, but things don't change for Gabby the Guy!

I'm sticking with my movie theme, for now anyway, and much to my wifes annoyance since she is the one who has to take the photos and Photoshop me into the pictures.

This is a movie I really enjoyed, but was badly let down by poor continuity. It's also kind of in keeping with my new fitness regime (see yesterdays blog entry) although I doubt I'll be running away from any derailed trains if I can help it.

So at the risk of looking foolish, who's sexier? Me or Harrison?!

Happy HNT everyone and sorry for posting a little early - it's either that or post ridiculously late! Which would you prefer?!

I love that! Happy HNT!
Very cool idea! HHNT!
You. Hands down.
LOL!! Hilarious idea! HHNT! =)
Oh I love it!
You, by a landslide!

Happy HNT! :)
Good job, to both you and Martha! Happy HNT!
Just don't ask me to choose between you and Harrison...
LOL this is great! ohhh but i cant pick btwn u and harrison...that's my han solo..=) HHNT
Well done lol

I like the movie theme, it's just so cool.

I really need photoshop lessons, sigh.

Happy HNT!
*LOL* Gabby, I love it! You always do such an awesome job! I guess your wife should get some of the credit too. hehehe. Happy HNT!! :)
brilliant as always gabby. HHNT
I really like the one on the right :)
I think I prefer the one on the right too :) Happy New Year and Happy HNT!

Oh, and Braveheart was on TV the other day. You should make that one of your HNTs :)
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