Saturday, January 14, 2006


Citizen Audrey

Several months ago I mentioned in my blog (you remember the old one over at Myblogsite? - yep, and it's still there!) that we applied for Audrey's Canadian citizenship.

Of couse this is merely a formality for us. Audrey's actual entitlement to Canadian and British citizenship (dual nationality) is not in doubt, but we wanted to get her the piece of paper to prove it, so we completed the forms, got the photos, paid the fee, and sent it off. This was back in July.

Well today it finally became official! Her citizenship card came through the post, and here's a photo of it to prove it!!!

We haven't decided whether to get her a Canadian passport yet, but doubtless we will eventually as it will be useful for when we travel between the UK and Canada. Also Martha has just sent off her application to become British citizen! Hopefully this is also just a formality - you'd think nearly nine years married to an Englishman, living and working in the UK, paying UK taxes would account for something. We shall find out in a 3-5 months...

There have been some new developments with Audrey's allergy situation. I mentioned earlier this week that at her check up we were advised to step up her milk and egg intake to see how she copes. It seems our childminder has taken this advice to heart and has begun experimenting on our daughter!

At first I must admit to feeling a little uneasy about our childminder using Audrey as her guinea pig, but I'm glad she has the nerve to do it, because I doubt Martha and I could.

So, on Wednesday our childminder fed Audrey a full four ounces of whole cows milk...and the outcome was surprisingly good. She didn't break out in a rash, nor did she throw up. In fact, precisely nothing happened!

On Friday Audrey drank a further 4 ounces of whole milk again to no apparent ill effect. Perhaps we're being paranoid parents, but the only thing that has concerned us is Audrey has mentioned once or twice that she had an upset tummy, and it is quite possible that the milk is causing that. However Audrey hasn't been refusing food which you'd expect from someone with a dicky tummy, and has been playing happily too. She's also been known to be a faker!!!

We've also been keeping a close eye on her skin which can flare up with eczema several days afterwards, but we've not seen anything out of the ordinary so far.

Having said that, today Audrey has been somewhat out of sorts, but we think it is the start of a cold - she has a cough and a fever and is rather changeable with her moods. The last time I checked these were not the symptoms of someone with a milk allergy!

The fact that she has drunk and kept down a reasonable quantity of whole milk is very exciting for us. We even bought a carton of whole milk for her today which we'll be giving to her for drinks. I'm still feeling cautious though - I don't want to get my hopes up.

We also had an interesting discussion with one of the other parents at Audrey's swimming class regarding potty training. We've found out some techniques which are pretty intense, but this couple had their daughter potty trained almost overnight as a result. We really want to really push for this now - Audrey knows the deal with the potty, but for some reason just uses it as a reason to manipulate us to get out of other things. It's frustrating when she goes on the potty almost daily at the childminders, yet we can't get her to go at home at all. Although she did manage to squeeze out a pee for me the other night!

Come on Audrey, use that potty and make the Canadians proud to have you as one of their own!

WRT the Canadian passport - it is my understanding that, travelling to Canada will now *only* be possible for Audrey on a Canadian passport.

C has both and, AFAIK, enters Canada (and the States) on her Canadian one and Britain (and Europe) on her British one.

Go on, you know you want to give the Canadian Beaurocrats both more money and something else to do! ;-)

G - Thanks for the info. I actually have downloaded the forms for Audrey's Canadian passport tonight and it's not going to be that much of a headache to get done, so I'll get it all sorted this week!

I wouldn't want the Canadian Beaurocrats to get bored!
Catching up here -

So what were the intense techniques? Nadia has reverted to not even telling me that she needs to go or has already gone. It is quite frustrating - I never had this much trouble with Maya!
Priya - Well I'm not sure how new or clever this technique is, but this woman was plying her kid with lots of salty foods, in order that the child would drink more liquids. Of course the more liquids she drank the more she needed to go pee. The woman said they were going to the potty hourly and within the space of a few days and a few minor accidents later, the little girl was potty trained. She would reward the girl with sweets (candy to you) if she went pee on the potty to make up for the salty food. I think she also used those trainer nappies so the child could feel when she had wet herself.

Audrey doesn't tell us when she needs to go much either. When she does (usually for a poo) it's often about 15 minutes too soon...we haven't quite got to grips with this either so I think we shall have to take some time off work and try some extreme techniques of our own...let me know if you get any bright ideas!!!
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